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Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 Oh and not sure what the fuck Bungee Short Attention Span Can't Read Man is saying since he's been put on ignore, but Robert, feel free to indulge. You give kids today some help and they thank you by shitting all over ya. Ah well. Telling someone to not buy a pea coat because they are too "popular" is good advice? LOL, man crush for Robert?
Not as popular as those damn pea coats.
Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I hate when the clerks do that. If I wanted a damned card I'd apply for one. They must make an incentive or something. I'm beginning to think pea coats are too popular, overdone. Suggest not going with the pea coat. Is everyone walking around in pea coats where you live?
You first, but make sure you have your blousy tan epaulet Ralph Lauren shirt on. Maybe it will slow down your fall, or then again maybe it won't.
Yeah ok, tools.
1966 501's.
Not really talking about J Crew denim.
I'm guessing the lady that wrote back doesn't know what she's talking about.
Are the 501 1966 jeans selvedge? They look like it, and they are in the selvedge section on the website, but when I emailed them to make sure they said they're not.
Any fit pics?
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