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Quote: Originally Posted by G0079 Hey man, you're making us sound like jealous peasant forum. aren't we all? ahahahahahahahaha just look at how we jumped on his ass
Quote: Originally Posted by jet Watch is sick, I think around 18k but gdl knows for sure. hahahahah he's walks around with atleast 100k worth of things. lets not forget the 10k cash in his wallet? where does he live so we can rob him hahahahahahah? idiot!
just googled the phone. its the newest one based on the blackberry! it costs 17,300 british pounds which is roughly $28k! who the fuck buys a $28k phone?
Quote: Originally Posted by G0079 If my google skillz are correct the watch is 10k+ yes forgot watch. dude that's an ap! 10,000? I wish! those are for at least $25k!
i once read that they have a diamond one for like 500k! who buys that shit?
yeah how much is his outfit worth? anybody correct me... jacket $4000? jeans i know they're $2000 shirt $200? boots $500? wallet $400? expensive phone $10000? amex black card @unlimited! ahahhahahahahahah
Quote: Originally Posted by pruppert Exactly what I thought. That and his picture with a whited-out face next to similarly whited-out family photos cracked me up. Does this guy install tile, or what? The knees on those pants look like they've seen heavy use. they're "balmain" $2000 jeans!
give him some credit he lost some weight but still a douche!
this is going to explode. phat and socal are considered poor compared to this guy lol.
BALLER!!! nice black card! can you buy hookers with them?
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