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Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 Personally I would have said something to the guy. I'll pick up an oddball thing to flip hear and there, but hogging the whole thing is BS Eh, whatever. It's a game of finders keepers, and that is what makes thrifting a beautiful thing. If you find an awesome score, you might as well buy all of it, because if you don't somebody else is going to. At least when I buy stuff to flip I know it's going to go to...
I guess I don't really see the big deal with any of this. If the seller asks upfront, in the B&S thread, that he wants a personal payment (or 3%), what's the big deal? Just figure it as part of the asking price. It's like when people bitch about high s&h fees on ebay, when they are listed upfront in the auction. Just figure it as part of the total cost of the item and move on with life. The cost is passed on to the buyer any way you slice it, we're just arguing semantics.
$55 shipped This is a deaaaaaaaaaaal folks.
Just send it as a gift, no fees for anybody afaik. I want PayPal to get as little money as possible...
Quote: Originally Posted by DavidW Could you provide the length of the jacket for the pinstripe, from top of collar please? Thanks. David Oops, I took from bottom of collar - 30". I can get the other measurement if you need it though. Hard2fit - the oxxford 7fold is black and silver, and the bizzochi tie is two shades of blue w/ silver. Thanks
Looks like a pretty big gash, good luck... It's real though
Two suits from Brooks Bros 346 line, before they turned it into outlet garbage. The gray 3 piece is older, and nicer. Both 3/2 lapels, sack cut (no darts), rear center vents, two button sleeves, quarter lined. Gray suit on bottom of front left quarters has a tiny hole (sorta), it is pictured - looked like a flying cigarette ember got it. I would wear it as is, but my life already involves such things. jacket: 17.5" shoulder seam to seam, 20.5" pit to pit, 24.5"...
prices lowered, all t&a ties spoken for
Spring Court would be my first option. You should be able to pick some up on sale pretty soon here.
Here is my rambling 2 cents on the multiple issues at hand here: 1, I think everybody agrees that threads with multiple items are good for the forum. However, when you outlaw "sold" bumps, you discourage these types of threads. Personally, I have 3-4 selling threads running right now, each with (originally) multiple items. Why? Because if I made one huge thread, and dumped 30+ unrelated items in them, people quite simply aren't going to waste their time looking through...
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