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dramatic price cuts on all remaining items I want this stuff gone before I start classes next week, please buy it, thank you
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku Going by the creasing on the toes, those aren't shell. I don't think Bostonian uses shell. they might have way back in the day, but yeah, those are not shell
Quote: Originally Posted by spcl-k How do the pants fit? Wide? Tapered? etc? 9" at the leg opening. Furo: approx 30.5" from bottom of collar to hem, and the shoulder measurement is correct. Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by Query Ok, I'm not sure what exactly you guys need for the additional pictures, so here are some random points of interest on one of the suits (which, if I'm not mistaken, is a gray herringbone). Jacket and lining [/IMG] Fabric and label:Nl.jpg[/IMG] Buttonhole:[/IMG] Inside of breast pockets:Bcl.jpg[/IMG] Pants: Inside of pantsg[/IMG] The other three are similar: SB, notched standard-width lapel. So, any idea what I'm...
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung Is that colour correct? Would you say it is an olive colour? Or is it actually grey plus camera fail? Also how much available to let out in the pant legs? It's grey on my monitor, and yeah, that's the color it's supposed to be. Lengthwise, whatever you could get by letting out the cuffs - there is nothing other than that. Furo - I will get back to you on the measurements later today, but I am 99%...
$110 shipped, always entertaining offers as well.
Haha, nice finds Alan. Actually, I wish you had found them locally, it would give me some motivation to get out there! This weather is a total buzzkill.
Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 Personally I would have said something to the guy. I'll pick up an oddball thing to flip hear and there, but hogging the whole thing is BS Eh, whatever. It's a game of finders keepers, and that is what makes thrifting a beautiful thing. If you find an awesome score, you might as well buy all of it, because if you don't somebody else is going to. At least when I buy stuff to flip I know it's going to go to...
I guess I don't really see the big deal with any of this. If the seller asks upfront, in the B&S thread, that he wants a personal payment (or 3%), what's the big deal? Just figure it as part of the asking price. It's like when people bitch about high s&h fees on ebay, when they are listed upfront in the auction. Just figure it as part of the total cost of the item and move on with life. The cost is passed on to the buyer any way you slice it, we're just arguing semantics.
$55 shipped This is a deaaaaaaaaaaal folks.
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