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90 shipped
i think toj could work my suggestion: layer-lure-lair LOL
yoox usually has some stuff in 44eu/34us not a bad idea to just order a few from different brands, and see what ends up working out, since their return policy is so good
prices dropped (edited original post), added another pair of shoes (church's chetwynd 12 E)
95 shipped, plz buy
prices dropped want to move this stuff before I go out of town again soon!
Quote: Originally Posted by gwydion Might wanna specify which. And the Bomber is still available. moto would be preferably, but i'm not holding my breath...i should have been paying closer attn to the thread
guhhh, slept on the leathers, now it's too late if anybody has one they got that's too small for them, send me a pm, i'm about 5'10 120-125, might take it off your hands
Quote: Originally Posted by andr3pwd Still available? just pm'd you back price drop - 99 shipped
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