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$104 shipped via same terms measurements added this jacket is mintttttttt, somebody please buy this ;(
$110 shipped in usa, paypal personal payment or add 3% mint condition, tagged 42r, 3 button, dual vent, for barney's ny. Measurements: Shoulder seam to seam: 18.5" Arm pit to pit: 22" Sleeve: 26"
Great shoes, half size too big for me. Great chance to get some shell cordovan for under 100 bucks. Unknown maker, goodyear welt, fully leather lined - on par with AE or better. $75 shipped, paypal personal payment. 9A, look to fit true to size. I really really want to sell these, as I'm trying to get rid of odds and ends before going on summer break.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nataku It was a decent day overall. dude that's a decent six months
i have like 40 things up right now. see my signature.
these jeans are . they probably retailed for over $500 since they are gucci, which is insane, but they are really top notch quality - heavy duty lampo zipper on the fly, stiff denim (98% cotton 2% elastane, made in italy) these are the "regular" fit measurements: 16.5" across the waist laid flat 29" inseam 10" front rise 8.25" at the leg openings no signs of wear, no overt branding, my flash washed the pictures out - they are very dark black. $150...
Quote: Originally Posted by 83glt That's amazing. Good for you! I often check the "art" section and have never found anything. Gonna keep looking for sure! Are we talking Antiques Roadshow score there or what? probably worth at least a thousand bucks on name alone, but i am far from an art expert. pretty sweet score though
Quote: Originally Posted by jkidd41011 I'm learning to be more selective as well. I've had several "finds" that I ended up donating back. Does anyone really need an ugly 4" Robert Talbott ties just because it's Robert Talbott? A couple weeks ago I saw a Pal Zileri. Got really excited because it's the first one I've ever come across. After I looked at it, it had a slight dry cleaner sheen so I left it. ha if i bought every skinny striped...
Ummm apparently my old thread inexplicably got axed - B&S crackdown shold definitely focus on people selling $15 Ferragamo ties, but I digress. Terms: Paypal personal, or add 3%, prices are shipped in the US, add $5 for shipping anywhere else on the planet. Ferragamo 1, $15, 3.5" Ferragamo 2, $15, 3.5" Ferragamo 3, $15, 3.5" Hickey Freeman, $15, 3 7/8" Daniel Cremieux signature tie, made in italy, $20 John Comfort, $15, made in...
Quote: Originally Posted by EBTX66 I just wonder, where do they get their stuff from? those drop off bins you see conveniently located on the outskirts of anywhere with money or door to door collections some of the for profit stores are really shady... ridiculously shady
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