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human progress follows free markets (true free markets, not what we have today), death and poverty follows planned economies... i can't believe we're actually discussing this in 2013
people should just send klobber shit for free, because he's awesome. i'm actually getting ready to send him something for free, so everybody should follow suit
aww hell yeah, what year was that? i was supposed to hit up my family in the bahamas and do the PCA thing a few years ago, but I ended up getting sick... i'm still bitter about that! it was like, the only big poker event that was feasible for me to go to when i was also @noob looking good buddy glad you are rocking those shoes if anybody wants a pair i still have a few I think
yeah, cash games ftwi miss online too - live you're forced to play 9, 10 handed... ugh... 6 max please! PLO is the devils game, lol. one of my buddies ran up 175k on full tilt back in 2010 over the course of about 3 weeks, started at .25/.50 and just moved up aggressively. he was lucky to get the money withdrawn before black friday, then we went to the WSOP that summer (2011) and he dusted off like 75 large of it in 2 weeks playing in an uncapped 2/5plo game + tourny...
i love to gambol! i am not a tournament player, though one of my best friends is a damn good one. i try to get out and play a couple nights a week, poker is my first love. let's have a SF vegas meetup. 2/5 NLH game! would be great... nothing like getting tanked on massive frozen booze slushies then stumbling through the Tom Ford store at Crystals.
waffle houses are great people watching places. when my friends and i go we always bet on how many teeth the counter person will be missing.
Always look at the belts
if those balenciagaparis pants are a tiny size... HOLLA AT ME
warning: lots of pics. last couple days...all thrift stores, no discount store or estate sale or whatever. not pictured: dope ass naked and famous chambray shirt that fits me perfect. [[SPOILER]]
anybody that dibbed free stuff from me - it will ship wednesday or thursday, sorry for the delay but i am mega busy this week
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