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assuming there's like 35~ pieces of jackets, plus those pantsgotta set the over under at 10,000i'd probably take the over if marketed right. that's pretty bonkers. easily the single best haul ever
sweet deal for somebody because these are $100+ on ebay all day
to whoever was asking, i thrifted a pair of indy boots awhile ago. also thrifted a pair of the indy shoes too, which are even more rare
i picked up 4 pairs of nwob church's a week ago and have sold one pair for $300 and another for $280. ANY british or american shoe (except for some old crappy nunn bush's or something) NWOB for 45 bucks is a complete and total no brainer. hell, i paid 35 for some mint condition v-cleat florsheim pebble grain plain toe bluchers a month ago and flipped each of those for well over 125.
you say that like it's a bad thing?!
Spreadsheet is pretty accurate at this point, been updating it. Working on PM'ing people back right now. I think some of you are getting frustrated that I haven't responded yet, but please understand the more questions you ask, the longer it is going to take me to respond. If you are asking for multiple measurements / photos, I am going to respond to people that are ready to buy first - not disregarding you, simply prioritizing, as the main purpose of this thread is to...
updates - 1. replying to PM's now 2. almost everything shipped today, like 2 things had issues and didn't, I pm'd those people 3. if paypal didn't automatically email you a tracking number (check your paypal email address), PM me and I will get you it 4. thanks!
IF YOU HAVE PAID: Your items will ship tomorrow - I just flat ran out of time today before the post office closed. IF YOU HAVE PM'D AND NOT GOTTEN A RESPONSE - I will resume responding to PM's tomorrow when I am back in the office. I am not ignoring you, I promise. Thank you!
i am a ninja. yeah, surprisingly good find for right now, these are seriously the dog days, basically a waste of gas a lot of the timeOH AND SHAMELESS PLUG:matt and i have a huge thread in B&S selling all the venanzi we got when he was in town, for seriously thrifty prices. I will hook you up if you want some of it.
Haven't gone thrifting in like a week tweets how much did savers charge you for the NOS florsheims? those are suhweeeeeeeet
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