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i've never seen that before either, but CD was licensed to a million different people. needless to say, noobs reading this, don't pick up old CD... unless it has that canali tag inside the pocket
More measurements getting emailed out tomorrow, if that's what you're waiting on, hang tight, it was a holiday weekend here in the USA. bump!
biggie was not anywhere near GOAT status. then embarrassed himself at the end by making a ton of horrible r&b songs. illmatic takes a steaming dump all over biggie's entire career, come ON dude is one of the most overrated rappers ever
1. Light green herringbone - $400 Eu 50 R drop8 93% wool 7% cashmere Details: Completely unlined, unpadded shoulders, 2 button, center vent, 2 button sleeves, 2 patch pockets. 18.5" shoulder seam to seam 21" pit to pit 19" waist (across top button) 26" sleeve 30" bottom of collar to hem 2. Pure cashmere double breasted - $425 EU 50 R drop8 100% cashmere Details: completely unlined, unpadded shoulders, 6x4 double breasted, unvented, 2 patch pockets - very...
basically the sw&d / fashion equivalent of finding 15 rubinacci bespoke suits in a wearable size
assuming there's like 35~ pieces of jackets, plus those pantsgotta set the over under at 10,000i'd probably take the over if marketed right. that's pretty bonkers. easily the single best haul ever
sweet deal for somebody because these are $100+ on ebay all day
to whoever was asking, i thrifted a pair of indy boots awhile ago. also thrifted a pair of the indy shoes too, which are even more rare
i picked up 4 pairs of nwob church's a week ago and have sold one pair for $300 and another for $280. ANY british or american shoe (except for some old crappy nunn bush's or something) NWOB for 45 bucks is a complete and total no brainer. hell, i paid 35 for some mint condition v-cleat florsheim pebble grain plain toe bluchers a month ago and flipped each of those for well over 125.
you say that like it's a bad thing?!
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