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a few choice recent findsshoes i got today, all 9d:alan mcafee london x 2alan mcafee london bespoke x 1church's custom grade used x1church's custom grade nwob x 3 (1x ranch oxhide, 1x plain toe blucher, 1x loafers) [[SPOILER]] these were all marked $35 each but had a discount so $25 a pop. the used pairs have very, very little wearshirts, all $3 each:baldwin jeans, size 38, $13. available for trade if anybody wants to see what my city offers in terms of denimalso a couple...
all new 3.5" width unless noted otherwise $67 each shipped 1. Soft green floral rainbow 2. Black / red 3. Blue 4. Rope on a fence / gold 5. Abstract star / blue/green 6. Abstract star / lavender 7. Abstract star / silver 8. Abstract constellation / silver 9. Ralph Lauren Black label cashmere $40 shipped 2" knit, brown 10. Brioni lavender silver wovenSOLD 3.5" 11. Brioni Purple print 3 3/8" 13 Brioni blue / red...
all dat charvet. yes, that sticker says $25.99
had a furniture find i was pretty pleased with today... mid 60's Lane cedar chest... excellent condition. $35. thanks salvation army!
that's just outrageous. yet, ebay will let people get away with that kind of chicanery, as long as they are big enough sellers. stuff like that should be grounds for getting your account terminated
if you thrift in kc, i'm officially back from hiatus. this is where you get sad. here's what i found today, only got to hit a few stores buuuuuuut:old jeans [[SPOILER]]
good job but i will warn you that gray brooks brothers wool jacket, the quarter lined one, has moth damage
what's this guys name? i volunteer 10 bucks to register a domain name with THISGUYSNAMEISASCAMMER.COM and if we all put it in our sigs any time he gets googled by a potential employer they will get to read about what a scam artist he is
you are so full of shit. this might be the biggest lie i have ever read on the internet. you are either the stupidest person on the face of the planet, or you think we are all drooling morons. paypal won't let you send money if it makes your account go negative, you have to fund it, dumbass. that doesn't even make sense. then to top it off, the "thief" happens to buy a suit in YOUR size, have it shipped to YOUR PO box, and you realize the money is missing THE EXACT SAME...
Speaking of which, pick ups from Friday/Saturday:Salvatore Ferragamo animal print tieBen silver animal print tieNWOT J Hilburn pants3x NWOT gitman vintage shirtsMint dolce & gabbana shirtJ Lindeberg shirtTheory short sleeve shirtHugo Boss fitted shirtTruzzi milano shirtPaul and Shark yachting linen/cotton shirt2x robert graham cotton / silk shirtsBurberry london novacheck shirtwoolrich buffalo plaid vestAllen Edmonds Leeds shell cordovanFlorsheim imperial shell cordovan...
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