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thrift brag http://www.ebay.com/itm/vintage-LEVIS-501XX-CAPITAL-E-HIDDEN-COPPER-RIVETS-S-BUTTON-DENIM-JEANS-36-NR-/390679147968?pt=Vintage_Men_s_Clothing&hash=item5af64ab5c0 $4.98
I have this exact jacket but it'll be about $250
not letting my one find in two weeks get buried at bottom of a page dammit
Ugh I have been so busy lately. No thrift stores in like... 12 days. So everybody that thrifts where I do, you're welcome. Bad news is, I think it's time to start putting in those 10 hour thrift store days again for a bit. Was picking something up today unrelated, had time for one store: Boom. Down + leather vest.
Been so stressed lately, decided to take a break and hit some stores today. Nothing too world altering but volume. Not pictured: Zegna trofeo suit, 3x pal zileri suits mint, polo houndstooth sportcoat, armani collezioni calf skin blazer [[SPOILER]]
15% off listed prices
nothing special, nobody of note. Looks fairly old
haven't posted in forever, but it's a holiday... hit 3 stores yesterday, first two were suck, last one coughed up: stone cold mint hardly worn AE del rays cool bruno magli wing tips church's custom grade vintage gucci suede/leather contrast wing tips... need some clean up, but awesome IMO old star artioli bit loafers, cheap really crazy c&j for polo cap toes, hardly worn... at first i thought these were sunfaded but it's uniform on each shoe so i can only...
return it??????????????????or sell it to a japanese buyer for 200 bucks!!
that jpress jacket is so freaking cool. wow
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