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Please do. I've received PM's from approx. 75 different people since starting this thread, and the PM system isn't the easiest to keep track of. To all who PM'd me today, responses will come tomorrow evening. Thanks for your patience.
Just find some rough space to lease, and start selling enough to cover rent. Sure beats keeping stuff you're trying to Ebay in your living quarters.Storage brag: As of this week I have 250 linear feet of rack space, the equivalent of 42 rolling 6-foot z-racks
racks on racks [[SPOILER]]
not everybody can afford to give away their time.i applaud your success in life. i'm glad to read you can spend 5-10 hours thrifting a week (probably the minimum required for somebody living outside of nyc/la to find more than 10 good items a week) and then trade the items or sell them at cost.but not everybody can afford this luxury!!!because for some people, even though it's a hobby, they have bills to pay. gas is expensive. stores are often far apart. so even if it's...
This is the companion thread to: http://www.styleforum.net/t/347604/the-last-of-the-venanzi-300-item-megathread-90-off-retail-knitwear-shirts-pants-hangers-etc The items for sale in this thread: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0Av0Mswh2zQO5dHluYVE5WTVzYTUzWDFaOGdXT2lROVE&output=html Here's what you need to know: The items in this thread are from three makers: D'Avenza, Belvest, and an unknown high end Italian maker. If anybody can ID the unknown maker, let...
Typing out replies to anybody that hasn't got one. Thanks for your patience.
@nataku yeah if i ever find anything worth more than a couple hundred bucks, it is not leaving my possession. even if i have a cart i will keep it in my arms. i guess this proves my paranoia is valid, what a shitty story
i've never seen that before either, but CD was licensed to a million different people. needless to say, noobs reading this, don't pick up old CD... unless it has that canali tag inside the pocket
More measurements getting emailed out tomorrow, if that's what you're waiting on, hang tight, it was a holiday weekend here in the USA. bump!
biggie was not anywhere near GOAT status. then embarrassed himself at the end by making a ton of horrible r&b songs. illmatic takes a steaming dump all over biggie's entire career, come ON dude is one of the most overrated rappers ever
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