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LOL so this post is entitled "5 business days in the bay area" thrifting in the bay area is laughably easy - but if you want to actually get stuff for thrift prices, you have to hustle a little harder. you best know i'm not paying $100 for a suit at an effing thrift store unless it's kiton cashmere or something, f that noise. soooo i decided to see how much stuff i could THRIFT in 5 days - everything in this post was bought in a 5 day span. the average price per shirt...
EU 52
Busy being productive in the real world
very very realdat waxed cotton. so nice
this is a thing right? even has the effing belt. stone cold mint condition
Thoughts on thrifting in the SF Bay Area / Peninsula after going 10% effort for a month: 1. There is a lot of really nice clothing here. So much, that even when stores want to mark it up, they can't mark it all up, because there is too much. 2. The Goodwills and their central distribution really, really, need learn how to not separate pants and jackets on suits. Seriously. 3. OMG, there are some stores here with racks full of Canali, Zegna, Isaia, whatever... only it's...
NOW $280 AN ITEM This is so cheap it's dumb.
Inventory list is up to date now. Sill many AMAZING pieces left. #4 is unreal - I can't believe nobody has picked that up yet.
I SERIOUSLY doubt any items, this nice, NWT, have ever been sold for this cheap on SF. Every item is $300 each NOW $280 EACH No discounts Shipping is $10 per item All relevant measurements are listed All pant inseams are unhemmed Jackets without sleeve finished sleeve buttons and no buttons included have a "No" in the buttons column Everything is about 92% off the original price - please don't email me a bunch of questions guys - I love you, but I just want this stuff to...
more like $1500 vs 2500 but as a followup, the buyer paid, and i shipped them to thailand and... and... no problems. 45 days has passed so, the money is mine for keeps.
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