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I haven't talked to Matt yet, but I think we're going to do a Beta sale soon, which will involve some very very good deals. If you haven't signed up for the mailing list yet - Do eeeeeeeeeeet.
not letting my one find in two weeks get buried at bottom of a page dammit
Ugh I have been so busy lately. No thrift stores in like... 12 days. So everybody that thrifts where I do, you're welcome. Bad news is, I think it's time to start putting in those 10 hour thrift store days again for a bit. Was picking something up today unrelated, had time for one store: Boom. Down + leather vest.
This turned more into me grabbing the 10 items closest to me and snapping some pics, but hey! There are hundreds of items!Delightfully mafiaso dual vent, single pleat DB suit in a light brushed flannel. We have some really wicked DB suits, if you have the badass level required to pull one of these off.Why stop at suit? Tuxedo. This is actually a 42L.More formalwear! There is actually a lot of formalwear, in almost every imaginable configuration. I even have some morning...
The problem with 36r, is that they don't make a lot of them. Which means by the time things get to liquidation, they are all gone. Which is why 36r is always so expensive. Long story short: Realistically, probably not. But I'm sure we will get the occasional piece. Trust me, I am a small guy (although I prefer the term... svelte!), and feel your pain on this issue.
Thank you!And to anybody out there thinking of taking advantage of our trusting nature...
Been so stressed lately, decided to take a break and hit some stores today. Nothing too world altering but volume. Not pictured: Zegna trofeo suit, 3x pal zileri suits mint, polo houndstooth sportcoat, armani collezioni calf skin blazer [[SPOILER]]
Fok, I sent you a PM. Thanks to everybody that has PM'd me so far. I will post up some sexy pictures tomorrow.
nSuited, which is set to launch this September, is a collaborative project between darkmatter7 (Matt) and myself (Connor). Our vision for nSuited was born through our mutual endeavors in StyleForvm's thrifting thread. It occurred to us that the element of excitement that we enjoy in our thrift store escapades could be reinvented in a completely innovative flash sale site. nSuited.com is that site: a menswear flash sale site with a twist. If you visit nSuited now,...
15% off listed prices
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