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Can't believe somebody donated those 3sixteens. In case you guys don't know, faded to shit / legitimately worn in denim is like... a thing now on Ebay. Yeah, I know this isn't the Ebay thread, but still - people are legitimately now too lazy to buy their own raw denim, but want legit fades, and are willing to pay for it.
Yeah, this is what I found! Crazy to know who they belonged to, and since I found these in SF and this appears to be a very uncommon name, it had to be this person. Where the hell had they been kicking around for the past 70 years? Wow.
Interesting. Googled the guy who's name is on them - Looks like he was born about 1895 in Japan, came to the states, ran a restaurant in Solano, and got interned on Angel Island during WWII. Fascinating. I think I will just auction these and see how they go.
Okay vintage experts, I need some help. I've had these sitting around in a pile for about 6 months, just rediscovered them today. Paid top dollar for these so I hope they're a gem? Really having a hard time finding anything about these / dating them, but they feel old as hell, way older than the Big E Levi's I've found in the past. Halp.
would be ten years but AHS took all the kiton
OH, i also got a TON of ties this week for some reason... prada, hermes, brioni, kiton, charvet, ricci, rlpl, rlbl, canali, zegna, gucci, versace, burberry, isaia... think I got damn near every brand you'd want to find, at least one of them haha. About 65, too lazy to spread them out properly but here's an idea: [[SPOILER]] $2-3.50 a piece
woops forgot some things
Okay, this is all stuff I have found in the past week, or 5 days that I actually went out thrifting,. I left out another like 20 mediocre items, and apologize for the mediocre stuff that got included by accident. A few fun facts: The most expensive item in this lot are the Church's suede boots with the badass danite commando soles, at $30. Besides those and the other church's wingtips, nothing cost over $19.99, and only 3 things cost over $14.99. I am not a fan of...
massive photo dump incoming
I say that to myself about going south. The grass is always greener...
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