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not letting my one find in two weeks get buried at bottom of a page dammit
Ugh I have been so busy lately. No thrift stores in like... 12 days. So everybody that thrifts where I do, you're welcome. Bad news is, I think it's time to start putting in those 10 hour thrift store days again for a bit. Was picking something up today unrelated, had time for one store: Boom. Down + leather vest.
Been so stressed lately, decided to take a break and hit some stores today. Nothing too world altering but volume. Not pictured: Zegna trofeo suit, 3x pal zileri suits mint, polo houndstooth sportcoat, armani collezioni calf skin blazer [[SPOILER]]
15% off listed prices
nothing special, nobody of note. Looks fairly old
haven't posted in forever, but it's a holiday... hit 3 stores yesterday, first two were suck, last one coughed up: stone cold mint hardly worn AE del rays cool bruno magli wing tips church's custom grade vintage gucci suede/leather contrast wing tips... need some clean up, but awesome IMO old star artioli bit loafers, cheap really crazy c&j for polo cap toes, hardly worn... at first i thought these were sunfaded but it's uniform on each shoe so i can only...
return it??????????????????or sell it to a japanese buyer for 200 bucks!!
that jpress jacket is so freaking cool. wow
Who's going to pay blind people minumum wage to hang clothes on a rack when they probably work at 1/8 the pace of a person that can see? Be real. Such a stupid article. Goodwill isn't giving these people a career, it's giving them something meaningful to do with their time and some purpose. If they had to pay them all $10 an hour they probably wouldn't be able to hire these people at all.
This is the vintage you want... one of my better vintage finds ever. Mcdonald was a dry goods merchandiser and later workwear maker that specialized in selling clothing to railroad workers. Their factory was located in St Joseph, MO, I'm in KC, so a semi local product here. The factory closed down due to the depression in 1933. The most recent ad for this shirt with the Red Seal brand was 1924 on Google. Vintage chambray is awesome. Triple stitched seams, mint condition,...
New Posts  All Forums: