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I guess I have to post some things I found today to repay the world for the valuable Tommy information which has been imparted to my brain
Can somebody explain this Tommy Hilfiger thing to me. I'm so out of the loop on this. Brain esplode.
waaaay too lazy to post the other 100+ items i've found in the past week but this is a fun story. going down massive rack of coats, see a 'shearling', feel it, think it feels fake - too soft - then i see the neck tag - made in france, wut? oh. it's just a mint condition super recent seraphin mouton shearling coat for $27. FYI is this 800-1k on ebay all day for those not in the know
I've already thrifted about another 70~ items over the past 5ish days. New post coming soon. Brands to be repped: Vineyard Vines, Jack Spade, Robert Graham, Billy Reid Heirloom, Armani Collezioni, J.Press, Lorenzini, Band of Outsiders, Paul Stuart, Isaia Napoli, Thom Browne, Etro Milano, Zegna, Filso, Borrelli, Finamore, Duncan Quinn, Lorenzini, Zanella, Diesel, Real Japan Blues, Martin Greenfield, Clan Douglas, LVC, John Varvatos, Nice Collective, Saint Andrews, Benson &...
LOL so this post is entitled "5 business days in the bay area" thrifting in the bay area is laughably easy - but if you want to actually get stuff for thrift prices, you have to hustle a little harder. you best know i'm not paying $100 for a suit at an effing thrift store unless it's kiton cashmere or something, f that noise. soooo i decided to see how much stuff i could THRIFT in 5 days - everything in this post was bought in a 5 day span. the average price per shirt...
EU 52
Busy being productive in the real world
very very realdat waxed cotton. so nice
this is a thing right? even has the effing belt. stone cold mint condition
Thoughts on thrifting in the SF Bay Area / Peninsula after going 10% effort for a month: 1. There is a lot of really nice clothing here. So much, that even when stores want to mark it up, they can't mark it all up, because there is too much. 2. The Goodwills and their central distribution really, really, need learn how to not separate pants and jackets on suits. Seriously. 3. OMG, there are some stores here with racks full of Canali, Zegna, Isaia, whatever... only it's...
New Posts  All Forums: