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yeah ian you are wayyyyyy too skinny to be a 44. just no way
Guys I know matt already posted this but I wanted to post it again as a heads up, because this thread has my favorite people on SF in it: We are doing a super limited time Black Friday / Cyber Monday weekend code for Nsuited: 40% off any order $200 or more, excluding overcoats. This means you only actually have to spend $120. Coupon code "thankyoustyleforum". This gets prices on some items down to ridiculously low levels. All the Venanzi stuff we have left is MEGA nice....
Oh and we have free shipping to both the US and Canada.
Also, found these, if any of you vintage experts want to chime in... [[SPOILER]]
it probably did, send her my apologies
So.... had some time to kill, got done grocery shopping early, decided to hit a couple stores - really picked over due to sales yesterday, but then... in the midst of a rack of crappy coats... I felt... a really nice zipper. Yes. Simon Spurr, shearling / black suede cutout leather jacket. Lampo zips, snap front pocket, zip sleeves. So. Freaking. Sick. Looks unworn. Made in Italy. Leather / shearling. $20 (please note they felt it necessary to write "20" on the label...
So basically I just thrifted probably my coolest find ever, outside of the ridiculous RLPL suede leather coat
goodwill is basically the only "cheap" thrift left here, them and salvation army. but they are starting to build new goodwills, and just bar tagged all the items. i can only assume that individual pricing is on the way, although a few months ago they actually lowered the shirt prices from 4.99 to 4.49, so who knows. i think they already pull the "good" non clothing stuff for goodwill auctions, as the goodwills here never have a jewelry / display counter. i'm just hoping...
goodwill here is flat rate, so they didn't even price them
i rarely thrift anymore but when i do hmm some decent ties, wonder if that person donated any shoes wat, 6 pairs of church's, with original shoe trees, and half recently resoled? and for $5 each you say? and alden shell tassel loafers? and gucci bit loafers? and brooks english opera pumps? not bad
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