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@jpmorris the unmarked tie is vintage sulka 100%
hope you sent those back to get resoled by the original maker, i think it would be worth it
RE: banana republic, i highly recommend the book the couple who started the store wrote and released in 2012. very short, easy read, but a great story of retailing / clothing / entrepreneurship
$60? probably if it's in really good shape but it might not be easy to sell. sounds too cool to leave behind though, would cop.
@deadboy i found a schott perfecto like 2 months ago, older, not in perfect condition, sold it for $360 to japan. paid like 20 bucks
so like a month ago, matt (dm7) and i were like, we should just hijack a plane headed to pitti uomo and steal everything on it [[SPOILER]] that's about the first 25% of it. big things are gonna happen soon! must suck for them having to have pitti without all the tailored clothing, damn.
here let me just sum it up for everybody who asks this questiondownload ebay app for your phoneturn on completed listings searchstand like a dumbass in the store for 3 minutes with your smartphone waiting for completed listings to load???don't ask the question in this thread anymorefixed
alright which one of you bastards is trolling me on ebay and sent me this on a $150 BIN suit " Dear leftblankinc, Questions: - Approx. when was this suit made? - Is it fused? - What country was the fabric woven in? - Does the fit/cut lean towards slim or traditional? Please confirm jacket measurements: - Lapel width - Collar height - Half chest --- Make sure the jacket is buttoned up, 1st button ONLY. Then, pinch the armpits and 'pull' outwards until the chest button...
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