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if those balenciagaparis pants are a tiny size... HOLLA AT ME
warning: lots of pics. last couple days...all thrift stores, no discount store or estate sale or whatever. not pictured: dope ass naked and famous chambray shirt that fits me perfect. [[SPOILER]]
anybody that dibbed free stuff from me - it will ship wednesday or thursday, sorry for the delay but i am mega busy this week
how drunk were you to bleed that much and not even notice it? maybe you could dye the entire boot black.
there is nothing wrong withpicking up z.zegna suits/sportcoats. it's like hugo boss with nicer fabrics and is very desirable on Ebay. not great quality, but pretty damn expensive at retail and has a great modern fit.
Seemingly mint complete bang and olufsen beomaster 6500... Cop for 400?
they don't look goodyear welted to me... 300 bones is a lot of money for a blake stitched shoe w/ rubber soles, they look pretty disposable.
Free stuff, offered here before I give it to goodwill. [[SPOILER]]
wow cotton dockers, that haul is ridonkulous. what i got today [[SPOILER]]
things from today [[SPOILER]]
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