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let me show you how it's done in....... cowtown usa. LOL. this is from 4 stores all today, not some one store haul, i wish [[SPOILER]]
Most thrift stores only bother looking up the obviously stand out items thoughFor example, most of the stores here blow through so many shoes that the only way a pair is giong to get marked up is if it's A. nearly new or B. obviously Gucci or something
pass. and what kind of thrift store knows what balenciaga is? lol
I picked this up from my gambling friends - it's a lot of fun to bet on in Vegas - "how much did this degenerate gambler have in their checking?". Set an over under, bet $50 on it, then see who takes it down. But my friends and I will bet on any and everything.
Come on guys, that milli is the slush fund for day to day expenses. But seriously, I have this weird hobby of collecting ATM slips - any time I see one sticking out of a machine, I grab it, then try to guess the balance before I look at it. Highest I've found was around $1.8 mil (the receipt was for a $20 withdrawal, with a $3 service fee... LOL), lowest was -500
doesn't sell for a ton but i like to think of it as nautical themed polo ralph lauren style stuff, only better qualitytell us more about the tom ford find!
first post go easy on me guys disregard trash on floor thx, also i am aware i need to eat and hit the gym thanks!
It's funny because I passed on 2 of these within a 3 week period about a month ago, since they were like $25.In other news, if anybody wants a sick vintage Raiders starter jacket (same style), LMK.
they look like This but yeah, jacketinthebox is their super unstructured lightly roll it up and throw it in a suitcase jacket. it would make sense that they'd be on hangers as mannequins don't really do them justice
yes frenchy is in toronto
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