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alright which one of you bastards is trolling me on ebay and sent me this on a $150 BIN suit " Dear leftblankinc, Questions: - Approx. when was this suit made? - Is it fused? - What country was the fabric woven in? - Does the fit/cut lean towards slim or traditional? Please confirm jacket measurements: - Lapel width - Collar height - Half chest --- Make sure the jacket is buttoned up, 1st button ONLY. Then, pinch the armpits and 'pull' outwards until the chest button...
it's called a roper bootbasically a cowboy boot with a shorter heel and shorter uppergoogle Black roper boots on ebay and you shall haveyour pick
edit: they are all 10-10.5c, i still have a few pairs of the new french shriners, PM me if you want to talk about them but I don't want to clutter up this awesome threadsome shoes i found a while ago... all from the same presumably dead guy. think i got the whole lot for under $150. left out a few pairs but you get the idea. and to think alden, masquerades as a premium quailty american shoemaker today. LOL. don't click the spoiler unless you want american shoes ruined for...
spoo the hickey jacket is def mid 70s you can tell because of the fat pocket flaps and hitch in the lapels, they made some pretty damn wild stuff in the late 60's / early 70's, i have like half a rack of crazy old hickey freeman i have been too lazy to sell, it's interesting stuff, especially since today they are viewed as such a boring american manufacturer
dat loro piana super 150's
nobody take this personally but there has been a lot of total garbage posted in this thread recently. PROCEED
sold the other one of these i had in approximately 30 seconds nwt Sartorio 3piece 40r 32 waist, double pleat, unhemmed inseam, dual vent jacket 623$ shipped
they are ZELLInice loafers, blake stitched,t hey do a lot of exotics. maybe worth $150 in good condition, i have sold a few pairs.
http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/rn/index.shtml-> rn database search
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