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Seemingly mint complete bang and olufsen beomaster 6500... Cop for 400?
they don't look goodyear welted to me... 300 bones is a lot of money for a blake stitched shoe w/ rubber soles, they look pretty disposable.
Free stuff, offered here before I give it to goodwill. [[SPOILER]]
wow cotton dockers, that haul is ridonkulous. what i got today [[SPOILER]]
things from today [[SPOILER]]
polo - savers, armani collezioni - red racks, brooks brothers - maj-r thrift, hickey freeman - goodwill, burberry - goodwill, schott - maj-r thrifthow'd i do? so ridiculous that i recognize stuff. FWIW, if that's the schott jacket i think it is, 99% it's not real leather, it's been sitting there for a while, felt like pleather to me. also the hickey freeman jacket is cashmere i'm quite certain, there was a moth nip on it so i passed. also check the left back sleeve of...
sorry guys english is my second lanugage
+1for being drunk on my birthdaydid i mention today is my birthday (friday)?just wait til you guys see what i'm going to post to celebrate. it involves free shit. lol
i've been thrifting for almost 4 years here and haven't found that many staple suits with those style features in any size much less a consistent size.... like i said, ymmv depending on locale
not sure when it became a rule not to list price but, that's stupid, list it if you want to it's very informativebut, thrifting is just a shitty way in general to find specific things, IMO. i appreciate that you're trying to build a wardrobe from scratch on a budget, and it's doable, but i don't really think thrifting is the best way to do it - gasp. really this is a great way to end up with a lot of mediocre stuff that doesn't really fit you that well, unless you're...
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