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So apparently if you complain about having never found something in the thrift thread, you will find it the next day. For $2.99. Mens 32
dear god these pics turned out HORRIBLE. oh well. good day yesterday, enjoy the beyond horrible photos, thanks iphone [[SPOILER]]
lol, i'm actually in kc and have only found one pair of baldwin ever and it was women's
That kiton has been worn a TON. look at how worn down the edges of the pocket are in the pic with the fabric tag, fabric probably has a ton of shine to it. Crazy price. Rule of thumb - if wowniceshirt is selling it, it's most likely overpriced, because they just bought it from somebody else on Ebay and have marked it up 2x. Also, those buttons look super chintzy and did not come with that jacket.
yo is this a cop guyz
ez I think that is a women's jacket. the cut looks very feminine to me, buttons not withstanding.
after getting like 6 $50 best offers from wowniceshirt i just added them to my blocked bidder list. annoying ass business, just buys up gobs of mediocre stuff and overcharges people for it. GTFO
if i wasn't buried under 14 inches of snow i'd be thrifting. damn it all
you see environmental degradation and human rights abuses - i see people eating in a country where decades earlier mao starved 40 million. it might not be fast enough progress for you, or as aesthetically pleasing as some would prefer, but it is nonetheless progress. fact of the matter is china is full of millions of unskilled workers that have jobs thanks to our ipads. if you want real answers, look at the chinese government and the undisclosed remninbi basket, lol.2....
i disagree with the fundamental premise of your argument but i'm not going to debate it in this thread
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