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Wow. All those charvet shirts in what look to be great condition. W o w. Only picked up a few things today: Alden indy boots.. not sure on size, it's rubbed off, probably 9.5ish. Not in the best of shape but.... indy boots for $4.50 mint womens ll bean insulated maine hunting boots florsheim imperial shell cordo loafers nice AE penny loafers got some other stuff too... 3 button 44l zegna traveler suit dual vent, patch madras polo pants, fray shirt
grabbed some pretty nice boots this past week - i never see nice boots [[SPOILER]]
spend $18 on a pair of... bruno magli's today [[SPOILER]] pretty sweet though IMO. looks like some guy bought them in 1992, wore them two or three times, and then stuck htem in the closet
yeah i have at least 25 pairs on these hangersi fold them in half to make them thick enough
i use blackthorne, which is marginally better, at least it's freefrom what i understand if you have a mac garagesale is the best
I need to post pics of the Chan hong kong bespoke jacket I have from I think 1961. Think 3 roll 2, sack cut, silver buttons... in shaggy black mohair.
when it goes right... nice job on the pants wes! you do such a nice job with your ebay listings, your DSR's are absurd, i think I need some lessons
very restrictive rules on what you can import, if you break the rules your item will be seized and never seen againany package without tracking is basically up for grabs in terms of theftthey are notorious for having one of the worst / most corrupt postal systems in europe, it's just a crapshoot
if by dealers you mean shameless thieves who will brazenly steal things, yes
I'm not telling you any thing you don't know but.... dear god be careful shipping that to Italy. Really careful. Like, I'd only send that UPS/DHL/Fedex careful, lol.
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