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Come on guys, that milli is the slush fund for day to day expenses. But seriously, I have this weird hobby of collecting ATM slips - any time I see one sticking out of a machine, I grab it, then try to guess the balance before I look at it. Highest I've found was around $1.8 mil (the receipt was for a $20 withdrawal, with a $3 service fee... LOL), lowest was -500
doesn't sell for a ton but i like to think of it as nautical themed polo ralph lauren style stuff, only better qualitytell us more about the tom ford find!
first post go easy on me guys disregard trash on floor thx, also i am aware i need to eat and hit the gym thanks!
It's funny because I passed on 2 of these within a 3 week period about a month ago, since they were like $25.In other news, if anybody wants a sick vintage Raiders starter jacket (same style), LMK.
they look like This but yeah, jacketinthebox is their super unstructured lightly roll it up and throw it in a suitcase jacket. it would make sense that they'd be on hangers as mannequins don't really do them justice
yes frenchy is in toronto
i was pretty pumped to find them. i've thrifted 3 pairs of alden boots life time now (4ish years of thrifting):shell cordovan chukkas, burgundy, too big for me - sold to japan for $355dead stock pebble grain on vibram sole, too narrow for me - sold for $165now these.... a size too big for me LOLi've probably thrifted 50-75 pairs of alden shoes in that timespan but only the 3 pairs of boots. go figure
Wow. All those charvet shirts in what look to be great condition. W o w. Only picked up a few things today: Alden indy boots.. not sure on size, it's rubbed off, probably 9.5ish. Not in the best of shape but.... indy boots for $4.50 mint womens ll bean insulated maine hunting boots florsheim imperial shell cordo loafers nice AE penny loafers got some other stuff too... 3 button 44l zegna traveler suit dual vent, patch madras polo pants, fray shirt
grabbed some pretty nice boots this past week - i never see nice boots [[SPOILER]]
spend $18 on a pair of... bruno magli's today [[SPOILER]] pretty sweet though IMO. looks like some guy bought them in 1992, wore them two or three times, and then stuck htem in the closet
New Posts  All Forums: