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first post go easy on me guys disregard trash on floor thx, also i am aware i need to eat and hit the gym thanks!
It's funny because I passed on 2 of these within a 3 week period about a month ago, since they were like $25.In other news, if anybody wants a sick vintage Raiders starter jacket (same style), LMK.
they look like This but yeah, jacketinthebox is their super unstructured lightly roll it up and throw it in a suitcase jacket. it would make sense that they'd be on hangers as mannequins don't really do them justice
yes frenchy is in toronto
i was pretty pumped to find them. i've thrifted 3 pairs of alden boots life time now (4ish years of thrifting):shell cordovan chukkas, burgundy, too big for me - sold to japan for $355dead stock pebble grain on vibram sole, too narrow for me - sold for $165now these.... a size too big for me LOLi've probably thrifted 50-75 pairs of alden shoes in that timespan but only the 3 pairs of boots. go figure
Wow. All those charvet shirts in what look to be great condition. W o w. Only picked up a few things today: Alden indy boots.. not sure on size, it's rubbed off, probably 9.5ish. Not in the best of shape but.... indy boots for $4.50 mint womens ll bean insulated maine hunting boots florsheim imperial shell cordo loafers nice AE penny loafers got some other stuff too... 3 button 44l zegna traveler suit dual vent, patch madras polo pants, fray shirt
grabbed some pretty nice boots this past week - i never see nice boots [[SPOILER]]
spend $18 on a pair of... bruno magli's today [[SPOILER]] pretty sweet though IMO. looks like some guy bought them in 1992, wore them two or three times, and then stuck htem in the closet
yeah i have at least 25 pairs on these hangersi fold them in half to make them thick enough
i use blackthorne, which is marginally better, at least it's freefrom what i understand if you have a mac garagesale is the best
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