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wow cotton dockers, that haul is ridonkulous. what i got today [[SPOILER]]
things from today [[SPOILER]]
polo - savers, armani collezioni - red racks, brooks brothers - maj-r thrift, hickey freeman - goodwill, burberry - goodwill, schott - maj-r thrifthow'd i do? so ridiculous that i recognize stuff. FWIW, if that's the schott jacket i think it is, 99% it's not real leather, it's been sitting there for a while, felt like pleather to me. also the hickey freeman jacket is cashmere i'm quite certain, there was a moth nip on it so i passed. also check the left back sleeve of...
sorry guys english is my second lanugage
+1for being drunk on my birthdaydid i mention today is my birthday (friday)?just wait til you guys see what i'm going to post to celebrate. it involves free shit. lol
i've been thrifting for almost 4 years here and haven't found that many staple suits with those style features in any size much less a consistent size.... like i said, ymmv depending on locale
not sure when it became a rule not to list price but, that's stupid, list it if you want to it's very informativebut, thrifting is just a shitty way in general to find specific things, IMO. i appreciate that you're trying to build a wardrobe from scratch on a budget, and it's doable, but i don't really think thrifting is the best way to do it - gasp. really this is a great way to end up with a lot of mediocre stuff that doesn't really fit you that well, unless you're...
Also, if anybody has a black suit (solid) in 40r, please PM me. Trying to do a favor for somebody.
Yeah those shoes are total garbage. Toss them, start over, can do much much better than that
nat that burberry coat is INSANE. one of the best pieces of outerwear ever found in this thread
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