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i've been thrifting for almost 4 years here and haven't found that many staple suits with those style features in any size much less a consistent size.... like i said, ymmv depending on locale
not sure when it became a rule not to list price but, that's stupid, list it if you want to it's very informativebut, thrifting is just a shitty way in general to find specific things, IMO. i appreciate that you're trying to build a wardrobe from scratch on a budget, and it's doable, but i don't really think thrifting is the best way to do it - gasp. really this is a great way to end up with a lot of mediocre stuff that doesn't really fit you that well, unless you're...
Also, if anybody has a black suit (solid) in 40r, please PM me. Trying to do a favor for somebody.
Yeah those shoes are total garbage. Toss them, start over, can do much much better than that
nat that burberry coat is INSANE. one of the best pieces of outerwear ever found in this thread
i love my barbour quilted vest. it fits in with all my streetwear clothes. great layering piece
i passed on a set of the full size luggage like a year ago. it was oooold and in not the best shape, all the linings were gone, etc. they wanted like 100 bucks for all of it (3 or 4 pieces) and i passed since i didn't even have anywhere to put it. this is the only other halliburton thing i've ever seen in a thrift besides that.
let me show you how it's done in....... cowtown usa. LOL. this is from 4 stores all today, not some one store haul, i wish [[SPOILER]]
Most thrift stores only bother looking up the obviously stand out items thoughFor example, most of the stores here blow through so many shoes that the only way a pair is giong to get marked up is if it's A. nearly new or B. obviously Gucci or something
pass. and what kind of thrift store knows what balenciaga is? lol
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