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updates - 1. replying to PM's now 2. almost everything shipped today, like 2 things had issues and didn't, I pm'd those people 3. if paypal didn't automatically email you a tracking number (check your paypal email address), PM me and I will get you it 4. thanks!
IF YOU HAVE PAID: Your items will ship tomorrow - I just flat ran out of time today before the post office closed. IF YOU HAVE PM'D AND NOT GOTTEN A RESPONSE - I will resume responding to PM's tomorrow when I am back in the office. I am not ignoring you, I promise. Thank you!
i am a ninja. yeah, surprisingly good find for right now, these are seriously the dog days, basically a waste of gas a lot of the timeOH AND SHAMELESS PLUG:matt and i have a huge thread in B&S selling all the venanzi we got when he was in town, for seriously thrifty prices. I will hook you up if you want some of it.
Haven't gone thrifting in like a week tweets how much did savers charge you for the NOS florsheims? those are suhweeeeeeeet
ALL REMAINING KNITWEAR ALL REMAINING TIES ALL REMAINING POCKET SQUARES Added to: Coming later tonight: ALL REMAINING SHIRTS ALL REMAINING PANTS Maybe when you remember when Venanzi folded in 2008, and many of the items were made available on StyleForum. Well, this is what's left. For those that don't know: Venanzi was the namesake store of Eugene Venanzi, long time clothing industry insider, afficianado, and gentleman of distinguished taste....
i am so tired from hauling so much clothing around today. dm7 comes to town, clothes come to you. it's almost kind of scary
shooting a 45 is so much fun. awesome
a few choice recent findsshoes i got today, all 9d:alan mcafee london x 2alan mcafee london bespoke x 1church's custom grade used x1church's custom grade nwob x 3 (1x ranch oxhide, 1x plain toe blucher, 1x loafers) [[SPOILER]] these were all marked $35 each but had a discount so $25 a pop. the used pairs have very, very little wearshirts, all $3 each:baldwin jeans, size 38, $13. available for trade if anybody wants to see what my city offers in terms of denimalso a couple...
all new 3.5" width unless noted otherwise $67 each shipped 1. Soft green floral rainbow 2. Black / red 3. Blue 4. Rope on a fence / gold 5. Abstract star / blue/green 6. Abstract star / lavender 7. Abstract star / silver 8. Abstract constellation / silver 9. Ralph Lauren Black label cashmere $40 shipped 2" knit, brown 10. Brioni lavender silver wovenSOLD 3.5" 11. Brioni Purple print 3 3/8" 13 Brioni blue / red...
all dat charvet. yes, that sticker says $25.99
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