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would be ten years but AHS took all the kiton
OH, i also got a TON of ties this week for some reason... prada, hermes, brioni, kiton, charvet, ricci, rlpl, rlbl, canali, zegna, gucci, versace, burberry, isaia... think I got damn near every brand you'd want to find, at least one of them haha. About 65, too lazy to spread them out properly but here's an idea: [[SPOILER]] $2-3.50 a piece
woops forgot some things
Okay, this is all stuff I have found in the past week, or 5 days that I actually went out thrifting,. I left out another like 20 mediocre items, and apologize for the mediocre stuff that got included by accident. A few fun facts: The most expensive item in this lot are the Church's suede boots with the badass danite commando soles, at $30. Besides those and the other church's wingtips, nothing cost over $19.99, and only 3 things cost over $14.99. I am not a fan of...
massive photo dump incoming
I say that to myself about going south. The grass is always greener...
Fireman's coat
TFW somebody pulls 5 kiton cashmere jackets from stores you hit up every _single_ day BRB going to buy a reverse lottery ticket
Took me about four days and eighteen stores to amass all this crap ( hit some of The stores every day). The pile of random pants is like fifteen pairs of loro piana, flat front recent zegna, other crap. Fun stats: most expensive item was ferragamo loafers (worn once, $45). Second most was nwob gravati shoes At 40, third was Neil Barrett jacket at 30, fourth was nwob jcrew suede boots $25. Nothing else cost...
thrifting is so weird. i have found, literally, 30 suits and sportcoats over the past 2 days at a multitude of different stores, while finding almost zero shirts or shoes. why is this? the questions i stay up late asking myself - strange times, my friends
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