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NOW $280 AN ITEM This is so cheap it's dumb.
Just depends what language you're speaking Thanks for all the orders guys... everything that hasn't gone out today is going out first thing tomorrow - yay for Saturday USPS!
That turned out awesome!!! Those silk jackets are so cool
We got freaking hammered by snow here in the Midwest, and 2 days in it's still not wise to drive to the post office, so all shipments from this sale have been delayed - but WILL go out tomorrow if I have to walk'em there in snow shoes.
Inventory list is up to date now. Sill many AMAZING pieces left. #4 is unreal - I can't believe nobody has picked that up yet.
No worries. Just want everybody to be happy!
Alright guys, let me address some of this stuff, we've been dealing with some technical issues I've PM'd you privately. I'm not going to get into Ebay stuff on our website sales thread, but suffice it to say folks, there is much more to this story than is being told RE: item condition. RE: The communication delay, I thought he had been refunded, and he hadn't. That IS my fault, and I apologize, and it's why I use the Ebay Return center - to automate Ebay Returns. This...
I SERIOUSLY doubt any items, this nice, NWT, have ever been sold for this cheap on SF. Every item is $300 each NOW $280 EACH No discounts Shipping is $10 per item All relevant measurements are listed All pant inseams are unhemmed Jackets without sleeve finished sleeve buttons and no buttons included have a "No" in the buttons column Everything is about 92% off the original price - please don't email me a bunch of questions guys - I love you, but I just want this stuff to...
more like $1500 vs 2500 but as a followup, the buyer paid, and i shipped them to thailand and... and... no problems. 45 days has passed so, the money is mine for keeps.
So much stuff I should post, so little time. Miss you guys! Hope everybody had a good holiday. I'm so ready for 2014. Many good finds lately. Keep killing it
New Posts  All Forums: