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Slightly off topic, but just had the immense pleasure of watching Tom Ford's new movie Nocturnal Animals. Wow. Really, really good. That is one seriously talented man. Highly recommended.
Does anybody else ever feel like Ebay is trying to break them, or just fuck with them horrendously. A week ago, had my best week in 18 months (not saying much, compared to how things used to be). This most recent week, I went 72 hours straight without receiving a single offer. Not even a low ball, like I just disappeared. Looked at my traffic numbers, just dumped off a cliff. Nothing has changed. Makes zero sense and is beyond infuriating. Ugh.
Also, finally popped a cherry today. 7 years of thrifting in one form or another and never found a pair of...
Yo furniture people (FRENCHY THIS MEANS YOU) DId I just rip myself off or get a good deal? Can't post more pics because I have to go back tomorrow to pick this stuff up, so if you're in the south bay you can go check it out yourself All four chairs have this sticker under the cushion: The table isn't knoll though, it's burke. I paid $175 for the set. Good deal or bad, any meat left on the bones? The chairs are fairly rough, 2 definitely need some work, 2 are good...
Been cooped up all day doing real work but had time to grab some shoes.... [[SPOILER]]
picked this up a couple weeks ago but forgot to post it. also grabbed a ringo starr band shirt, and one other i'm forgetting. $3 each. this was my fave, because jefferson airplane is amazing and this tour happened the year i was born
I actually had a pair of Aldens literally fall onto my head once, but I did not discard them
yesI can spot a pair of old denim a mile away. Literally every single pair of 50's60's's levis I've thrifted (7 or 8) has been found because I was 10 feet away and the denim was jumping off the rack at me.
pretty awesome, even with the stream of garbage movies he's been making. really excited to see him play bernie madoff in the new hbo series
ok, speaking of grail thrift finds: ANY neo geo AES game, system, or accessory - never even seen a damn memory card in over 7 years of thrifting. nothing. and i actively look for it.
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