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Wearing what you see on TV or magazines that don't compliment your body type. Tight jeans and pants with long narrow toe shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by emmanuel Knowing the appropriate attire to wear in various situations is a huge part of being stylish. Obviously, wearing a suit to school is not appropriate. Even if you were able to piece together a great outfit, suit and all, it would still be out of place in that setting... making you look (rightfully so) incredibly foolish. ***so important to understand this statement***
Nice vintage piece, really looking to purchase more vintage but can't find a dealer I trust. Way too many fakes circulating.
the great thing about fashion and style is freedom,and creativity, if this style works for your body type, career, and most important personal taste, great go all in. Try Neiman Marcus and Saks. This is an older picture I believe so try to stay away from the busy denim, brands like citizen, and PRPS would be fine paired with a fitted (not tight) shirt and a full v neck sweater. See looks for all Men @
Neither suit would be best. You need to put your best foot forward, but there is also no need to look like the "OLD" bank president, think smart,sleek, and powerful.
collector for sure, but not married to brands, I prefer classic jeans, with different fits and proportions to compliment the look, or style of a particular outfit, or occasion.
love the laces.
the right shirt /tie combo you should be able to pull it off in the right setting.
looks great, I hope 13 and up will have in stock options. Yet another NYC destination.
have a rubber sole put on, your local shoe repair will have options that should work best for the shoes.
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