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Quote: Originally Posted by charlie bond I am doing pretty well, I believe, in the shoe department but would love to hear what you all would suggest as my next shoe purchase - both general styles/models and specific makers. Below is my current rotation. My loafer rotation consists entirely of Tod's, both suede and leather driving mocs. This is the stuff I wear exclusively with linen and cotton summer trousers. The middle two groupings are reserved for...
not bad
Quote: Originally Posted by Grumblemouse Hey there I've been a lurker on here for a while, signed up when I bought my first pair of Crockett & Jones chestnutt Finsburys - anyway I've been wanting to rock them with shorts but I don't know what sort of socks to wear - I rocked some pink socks but it looked odd and if I wear black socks I look like a weirdo - the shorts are just some cheap H&M kind of dark green fauz seersucker - any help for a n00b much...
light, cool summer suit. Creme, beige linen or seersucker suit.
Fakes....all the way, try neimans or saks
Great example from Gucci of what I would call new school dandyism.
you may want to try your nearest outlet store, these were on sale for 230.00 in Aurora just outside of Chicago.
love the linen squares.
Quote: Originally Posted by BareSolid Thanks for the reply. I can't say I like chukka boots. Does anyone have any opinion on an appropriate colour for loafers? brown, or black
AE, exceptional quality at reasonable pricepoint
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