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jacket is too small,... always make sure your back and shoulders are smooth
nice shoes... would be a great addition to my own shoe collection
hopefully BDRM stays true to the original concept, saw alot of hollywood type shots from this years contestants. I agree Dan T is acceptable if you take a look at all of his photos.
add cardio 5 times per week...helped me drop 20lbs. Great effortless style, good job yesterday
good luck at magic
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 It depends on the width of your lapels, the length of your collar points and the shape of your face, as well as ideas of fashion & style. pix pls ties accessorize the suit, it has to fit, you are seeing more slim ties to mesh well with he slim cut suits.
no pleats=no cuffs...
white linen
The Jil Sander shoe is nice, love the detail.
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