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BTW--That an "E" not a "D" on the interior of the EGs.
I've recently seen both Isaia and Zegna suits that did NOT come from the mainline Saks stores or other department stores at Off5th. The workmanship seems the same as on the mainline suits, but the suits seem to be made with less expensive fabrics. I thought they were made to be sold at Off5th. Given that there are so many Off5ths around, it comes as no suprise that Off5th would have manufacturers make goods using lower quality fabrics for their stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by WRAdvisor Very good article, thanks for sharing. Should be interesting to see if they can thrive in South Boston. Hard to understand why they would want to leave a very busy Newberry Street. Last time I was there, a sales person told me Louis was moving out of the Newberry Street area for two reasons. One reason was that the area had changed over the years. A Filenes Basement and a Marshalls were just down the...
Quote: Originally Posted by jreigen The brown v-neck? I ordered the same one, hasn't got cancelled yet. Yup, that one. I hope you get it.
Yesterday I thought I had a great deal on a 52 Cruciani 100% cashmere sweater for $86. Today, order cancelled.
There is a 40% off sale ending Tuesday, so its $1999.99 regular price will be $1200. I tried it on but I'm a long so it didn't quite fit. Damn! I had been looking for a solid charcoal suit for some time now.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Any 42L/52L?? If so can you pm me? Same here.
I believe that you must make an appointmernt to visit his store. I've walked by, but never went inside.
Why are you paying retail for either suit? I recomend that you learn your suit size and look for a suit in that size on ebay. What are you, a 42 long? If so, go buy this:
Since the author of the PSA is from Austin, I'd try there first.
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