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I went to the Beverley Hills Saks yesterday near closing time and picked up a shirt from the 40% off rack. Because I had so little time yesterday, I went back today. Today, the sign on the rack read 25% off for the Final Cut. The price tag was the same both days. 40% off yesterday--25% off today. Not much of a sale when they're raising prices.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe but would not one bid be enough to try first before you decide on a second? To be honest, I just couldn't make up my mind which pair I wanted more, so I bought them both. Somehow, I doubt I'm the first Forum member to come up with that solution.
The shoes are a true 12D. The fit is great. The leather is thicker than Moreschi, but not as thick as C&J. More like A&E than anything else I own. For shoes that I've never hear of before, and that few people know about, they are well worth what I paid for them. If anyone else ever heard of this shoe maker before, please post a reply.[/quote]
Can anyone post the size 11s that are on sale? Thanks
Isaia 100% Cashmere sportcoat, black, from Off-5th @ $250, minus $10 for "gas" coupon, came to $240. Original price, $2,595.
Thanks. I tried to get what information I could on these shoes via the Internet, but other than the company's web site, there wasn't much. A seach of the Style Forum had only one reference to Dario Dodoni. I though they looked good too, but I had never hear of this shoe maker before. From looking at them, I thought the price was right. I'll let you know about the fit, ect., when they arrive. Why I bought both pairs, I just don't know. I told my wife these...
Thanks for the reply. I'll try to post the links below, but my technical expertise isn't what it should be.
I purchased a pair (well, two pairs actually) of Dario Dodoni shoes on ebay. I never heard of them before. Does anyone have an opinion on Dario Dodoni shoes?
It looks like the quote of $42 shipping to the U.S. might be a mistake. He's located in California, yet he's willing to ship to Japan, insured, to arrive in three days, for only $37? If anyone is interested in these shoes, perhaps they should email the seller and confirm the U.S. shipping price.
I just got the Clifford, with shoe trees, from Plal for less than $500. I strongly suggest you contact him if you are going to purchase C & J. Q: Is it ignorance or apathy? A: I don't know and I don't care.
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