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The last time I went to this sale, it was outstanding. If you are in NYC, you must go.
After I lost 20 lbs. a crazy co-worker told me that I looked like a Land's End model. I still have no idea what she meant.
I was in a thrift store earlier today and purchased a NWT navy pin stripe 2 button suit. The suit still had a store tag on it from the Carrol & Co. store here in California. I though the suit ended up in a thrift store because it was damaged, so I checked it out very carefully. In the back pocket of the pants was a small piece of paper with the name "Norman Hilton" on it, along with the size of the suit. The suit has soft shoulders and the pants were FF, so I assume it...
Good point.
I'm a US 12, English 11, Euro 45 and the fit is fine. These FAM double monks cost less that full price AE double monks. I believe the original price for a FAM shoe would be about $900.
PSA On ebay--NEW SANTONI Double Monk Dress Leather Shoes Size Eu 45 Uk 11 Us 12 [ I paid more for a size 12 pair of these on Yoox.
Try on the brands you like and find out what size fits you best. Remember your size. Then look around on ebay and other online sellers for suits in your favorite brands in your size. If you don't see a suit in your favorite brands in your size, and in a color and syle that you like, look again the next day. If you find a color and style you like in your size, see If the seller allows returns. If yes, then buy a suit. If you don't like it after you try it on, then...
This is nonsense on many levels. FB was in bankruptcy when it was purchased by Syms two years ago. They have not severed ties with high-end stores, as I purchased a Brioni suit from a high-end retailer there last year. I have also seen Barney's items there last time I was in Boston. FB carries a bunch of crap, but they also purchase overstock and end of season items from anyone who will sell it to them, if the price is right.The reference to "Filenes" is wrong for an...
Currently free shipping on ordersover $200.
On Wed. at C21 I saw that Brioni and Kiton suits & s/cs were 50% off original C21 prices. So were Belvest S/Cs. This means Brioni suits are going for $999.99. Lots of solid grays.
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