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Looking to unload this pair of Air Max 90's. Size 10.5. They are Deadstock, never been worn. Contact Info: E-mail: AIM: retroaaron Or you can reach me via PM on here $90 shipped. --->$85--->$80--->Final drop to $75
Quote: Originally Posted by cmsmith I'd say my style is finally growing a bit, I'm nearing the end of my college day, and embracing the ability to wear sneakers and jeans and hoodies while I still can. I'm fascinated with things that age well, boots, bags, jeans, belts. I'm not really into the workwear vibe, but I like the way clothes develop a familiarity and I think that helps craft a style. I've never liked things perfect, so finding pieces that...
If Colt continues to play the way he did against UTEP (I know, not saying much) then he should be considered the frontrunner, especially if they take the OU game and get past Ok. State which will undoubtedly be looking to salvage their season.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Yeah, we got our asses handed to us. No doubt about that. The real test will be to see if we can rebound against Oklahoma. At this point, I have my doubts. Its reasonable to doubt at this point. I will say, though, that the Miami team that played yesterday was a shell of the team we saw in the first two games. Nowhere near the same confidence in themselves.
I cant say I'm surprised that S. Carolina took out Ole Miss. Like yall said, Ole Miss was overrated and in my opinion, Spurrier was due for a big win. His stay at SC hasnt been up to par with what you would expect from him. I'm eagerly awaiting this Miami game and also the UH vs. Tech game. If UH can pull it off, they might actually have a shot at a BCS game.
Quote: Originally Posted by jmolt Worst advice ever, not only will you have zero good friends but you would be known as a pot head. But none the less I do know people like this and I do enjoy them but everybody takes advantage of these people. I've known a few people, mainly my old roommate, who have been taken advantage of for that very reason.
I have to agree. Va. Tech hasnt looked like the class of the ACC thus far but it should be an entertaining game.
If Miami can get thru Va. Tech and OU without a loss they definitely deserve to be a top 3 team. I'm a huge fan of them but even I didnt see their early success coming. They have played surprisingly disciplined.
I understand that upon washing a pair of APC's the length will probably shrink slightly. I normally prefer an inseam of about 30, so should I try hemming to about a 31 taking into account the shrinking after the wash?
Wow, Black Cherry. Those APC's look great. My pair is still a bit stiff so you better believe I'm eager to break em in!
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