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I'm interested in finding out as well. A shop in Houston (aside from Hamilton's own) now carries them. Hopefully I can try one soon.
passed on those tweeds on clearance at nordstrom :x
Quote: Originally Posted by socialdtk When my freshman English class was left unsupervised to read Lord of the Flies, a student sitting in the front row lifted his shirt and began to play with his breasts. He started by juggling them back and forth and ended by licking them in-front of our returning teacher who transferred to another school the next semester. this made me lol
Graduated in December and suffice it to say I haven't done much since. No job to speak of although I can't completely blame the economy because I haven't exactly been pursuing employment. I have been accepted to grad school and will start in the fall. I'm blessed to be in a position that allows me to relax and enjoy my time until then.
Eager to see some fit pics
U. Texas at San Antonio Alum
$75 shipped
$80 shipped
Price drop to $85
Taka's designs for Vans have always been among the best in my opinion. His attention to detail and utilization of quality materials is something you dont see very often. I think his collaborations with Vans have been largely underrated.
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