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The quality on that Saddle is great. Word is that most F/W clothing should be in stores Aug. 30th.
Fall Collection should hopefully be arriving soon. Let me know if any pieces catch your interest I could have them shipped from the Houston location.
The Olden Boots have arrived online and should be in most stores by now. They are beautiful in person.
Yeah and you really can't go wrong for $94. The Gulch loafer is long so a full size down might work, although 1/2 size down could be safer if you can't get to a store to try them on.
Quote: Originally Posted by ahjota Agree with the above. Tuscumbia and Orleans shirts are quite generous in sizing. The Monogram Oxfords are a nice fit, and IMO look better tucked. I'm thinking about the Indianola suede boot. That boot is great! Runs slightly large, I sized down from a 10 in most sneakers to a 9.5 for the boots, not unlike other dressier shoes.
Billy Reid has a number of different cuts. Ranging from fairly well-fitting (slim) to more classic or fuller fits. The Oxfords, John T, and Pride cuts are among the more fitted. Let me know if I could be of more assistance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll How do their shirts fit? referring to billy reid?
Billy Reid sale now up to 75% off. Truly some amazing prices on some of the shirts.
I apologize if this his been posted already. Billy Reid's summer sale is currently going on. The website has some decent markdowns; however, if you can make it out to a retail store, you will find some steals on shirting. Last I've heard there should even be another round of markdowns soon.
Is there an ideal time to hem the jeans? After the first wash? Before?
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