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Quote: Originally Posted by Robert I could use it. Please send my way. Sorry someone PM'd me and they got it.
Realized I hadn't used my coupon code for November. 20% off as always, let me know if anybody could use it.
Can you comment on the fit and sizing of the BB chinos? A few of the reviews say to go up a size as they run small in the waist?
They are pretty nice in person, check them out if you get the chance.
I don't believe it has been mentioned yet but Billy Reid (online and in store) has marked down a number of items at 30 and 40% off.
Just a heads up, a number of items have been marked down to 30 and 40% off. Prices are effective in stores and online. Also, if there is any regular-priced items you're interested in I can offer a slight discount.
Quote: Originally Posted by justtemple Has anyone had any experience with their shoe sizing? I'm probably going to pick up a pair of the D-Ring loafers this week or next. The D-Rings run a little more true to size than the rest of the shoes. Most run large. Sorry for the late response. Let me know if you have any more questions.
Pardon the ignorance. I recently bought a pair of APC NS and was wondering when the ideal time to hem is? If I understand correctly after I put some wear into them and eventually wash, the inseam will shrink. Should I wait until after a wash to hem?
Quote: Originally Posted by Vistro -To the douchebag sitting next to me at the bar: I have no problem with someone taking a picture of the whisky you may be drinking, but I get annoyed pretty quickly when you have the bartender pull a bottle of more expensive shit down so you can stage a picture of it next to your glass. Oh, and shut the fuck up about your iPhone. It is in fact not the finest device in the world, and the college student you're trying...
Quote: Originally Posted by cheessus i thought quarantine was pretty underrated because it scared the shit out of me, but then again, im easily scared. btw, i think youre thinking of the movie pandorum. i thought it kinda sucked and wasnt all too scary I liked Quarantine. It was a remade english version of "REC" which I recently watched. The movies are pretty much identical aside from the "REC" being in spanish and having a better...
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