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90 shipped? Aaron
I've sent in some denim to be repaired by Denim Therapy and didn't have the best experience. The work done was fine but I didn't feel there was enough communication. There was a delay and I had to email a few times for them to update me on the status of the pair I sent in.
Found some Jungmaven Tees at The Class Room in Houston a few months back and they've quickly become my favorite tee. Lightweight enough for the Houston summers and great fit.
I'm 5'8 and the Officer's Coat is below the knee. Very nice coat but for someone like myself on the shorter side I prefer the Sunday Coat.
Any idea of a website with the new Green Balenciaga sneakers?
The black pair? Those are really nice. They're in the system at the stores so I was holding out hope that the stores might still receive them sometime.
Had my eye on them for a while.
Most of the Billy Reid shoes tend to run a bit large. Typically, I tell people if they are unsure it might be safe to go with the smaller size between two.
+2. I ordered a slim M and was somewhat surprised to learn it fits just about right to my liking.
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