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If your that concerned hang them up and use the steam function on your iron or if you have access to a garment steamer use that.
Wool Kangol cap (had it since 6th grade, finally fits!!) White AA v-neck tee Energie airplane sweater vest Pre-Loved Jacket JR cali black leather vans
Quote: Originally Posted by cultpop 0217 no all the "old boys" are hitting the streets. its friday night & all the cool kids are actually out enjoying it. Haha guess thats mostly true, just hard to pull off a night out after my third 15 hour day in a row. 5 more days and I can party it up proper Wednesday styles. I feel like an old man.......
Not near the quality lurking material I'm used to late at night, but they have so many other forums to read It's still interesting. I think these old boys hit the sheets a tad earlier than the sf crowd.
First waytn/t post, usually sf'er, nothing special but my winter clothes are sitting in storage. Ex-gf's AE toque New Gf's (now mine) Alpaca wool scarf Bertoni Blazer Selvage Thermal JR Cali's Nike SB Dunk Hi Homeless dude gloves(not an actual homeless guys, but like theirs) Damn it's cold here. (cause it's cool)
Hi guyz whuts going on in this thread!?!?
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