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Looks like Bureau is showing for a 32 in the homespun ghurka again. May have taken a return.
Has anyone purchased the felt hat in a large? I'm looking to get a measurement on it, The Bureau has sizing on their site but it conflicts with measurement from Haven. Any real world experience with this thing? Bit of a fat head but if Havens measurements are more in line with the real deal then a large may work.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bandwagonesque Just for clarification, all leather is tanned. That's what makes it leather. Otherwise it's rotting cow skin. Haha been listening to the LGC guy? That dude strikes me as sorta nuts. To the OP, why not consider a belt from LGC, they seem to be of top quality, pretty inexpensive and I believe he does a Natural Belt made of harness leather. Begs...........
Quote: Originally Posted by cheapmutha who are the incredible bongo band, and why should they matter? Little song known as apache...... Black Wing-tip cordovan. I realize that they won't develop the patina that a brown pair would but I'm more concerned about a quality boot. I've been searching for something in this style for a while now and these are perfect. A tad pricey but what are you going to do?
Quote: Originally Posted by mizanation whatsup anti-hipster.... i suggest you get your aldens a half-size smaller if they are made on the barrie last (which they are if they are boots). funny, in nike, i wear a 9.5 also, but in alden's, i wear a 8.5. i have a suggestion, trace an outline of your foot and send it in to alden of carmel. they should be able to figure out the proper fit for you based on your outline. Thanks for the advice...
How limited are these SExIH going to be? I want a pair of 21 oz as my next pair in a good cut. I won't wear them untill the sammie contest is up but I would like to have them on hand for when winter comes. Any news on the second collaboration?
I like lurking here, lots of good things to read. Hey Miz how do you find your Aldens fit size wise. I'm looking at boots with the Barrie last but I don't have any dress shoes to compare them with. They say they are a half size larger then most dress shoes but I only have sneakers. For reference I'm a 9.5 in nikes and vans. I'm ordering them through Alden of Carmel and there very helpful but he hasn't been able to give me advice when comparing to sneakers.
If I can find it I'll drink a 12 year old Dalmore. So far for a resonably priced single malt I have never enjoyed one more. If I can't find that then sometimes just go to a 10 year old Glenmorangie, but that may be nostalgia and price helping with that desicion. I am after all a student on a budget.....
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