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Where do you want the end of the sleeves to hit? I'm 6' 0" and if I wore t-shirts with 11" sleeves they'd end at my elbow. Not a good look.
That Jack Spade wallet looks like a J. Fold Loungemaster.
Nice look lance. What model boot is that?
^lol If you read the bottom of the shoe from the pictures on the Zappo site it says that they are Goodyear welted. Zappo also has a really good return policy, so you could try them out.
I have to admit that I was interested in the second pair at first glance, but realized that buying pre-distressed boots is akin to buying pre-distressed jeans. The style/shape isn't half bad, although they are slightly too chunky for my taste.
http://www.bluefly.com/pages/custom/...%3D&objType=2# No idea who she is, but this model on Bluefly is pretty stunning.
Quote: Originally Posted by watchman leather goods connection is awesome. I have the ponderosa wallet, and am really happy with it. Thanks to all the superfuture people who ordered all at once, he now offers by name a red moon alternative in the wallets with Unfinished Shrunken Grain on the outside and the buffalo skin i think on the inside. All in all, it's a great wallet, and i really couldn't be happier with quality, look, or construction. bonus-...
I'm looking to add a pair of boots to my warddrobe, but don't really know where to start. I'd like to purchase a pair of Chelsea's when I come across enough money to match them with appropriate suits, but as of now I'm looking for a more casual style. Could I get some opinions on this pair? Or suggestions for something similar?
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