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I thought this was going to be about rye.
One more bump.
Monday bump.
I need money for my trip to New York next month, so I'm clearing out a few things in my closet. Please PM to coordinate the sale or make offers. Paypal only. All prices include shipping within the United States. Sugarcane 1966 ONE WASH - $110 -tag size : 33W -waist : 16 inches across -inseam : 34.5 inches -rise : 12 inches -hem : 8 inches -The classic 1966 cut. I have too many jeans in rotation so I have to give up this pair. The cardboard tag has been removed but will be...
I have to say Lacoste polos fit perfectly on me. Though I would never pay retail for them, if you take a stitch breaker to that goober alligator you're good to go.
I once went out to Eyebar at the invitation of a friend and was turned away for wearing sneakers (a pair of Marc Jacobs Vans). When asked about the dress code the hostess told me that they only allow "Diesels" and "vintage Pumas". Had to laugh aloud about that while I walked away.
Beautiful, beautiful stuff. I'll definitely be saving up for a one button.
APC NS Denime 66 black Levis 514 Levis Red slim/straight
Quote: Originally Posted by Oneitis I think what may help explain the sizing it that they may have re-sized a lot of their shirts. I used to be a size Large and that fit me perfectly. But I recently bought a new T-shirt from there in a Large and it was noticeably bigger, even after a wash and dry. Yeah, I noticed that too. I bought the '2001' t-shirt a few years back in large and it shrunk down to a perfect fit. I recently ordered a few in...
Ah, I see. In that picture though, the shoulder seams are falling off the models shoulders so I'm guessing he's wearing a size up. Did you want them to be blank tees? I think Hanes Beefy-T's have fairly long sleeves:
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