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I have the Apolis Transit parka from that line nad it's essentially just a single cotton (supposedly Ventile) layer. It's fine for layering over a suit, but London in January seems pretty darn cold and I'd go with something more insulated. Also, the craftsmanship of the jacket is rather meh.
Anyone have experience with Isaora's UX Parka Shell, basically their take on a fishtail? Can't seem to find a review online. I'm curious about their 3L fabric from Japan. Also, I totally missed out on the Thanksgiving week sale. Do they do post-Christmas/New Year's? Thanks!
Most Camerman jackets are made of Ventile now. If you want a Mackintosh upper, you'd have to look at the older ones (pre-2013?).
If you're going to be out in the wet for an extended period of time, I'd go with something synthetic. I like Ventile because it breathes better, but I also don't see myself being caught in a downpour for more than 2-3 minutes.Zissou, thanks for the reply! Best of luck on trackign down the deck jacket.Which Ventile cameramans do you guys have? Does anyone have the white-sleeved one? That colorway was my favorite, but I couldn't afford one back then.
Thinking about picking up a Cameraman. Does it usually fit pretty boxy? All the photos look that way. How do you guys like the jacket? It seems like classical Nigel Cabourn to me since it's been around forever, like the Mallory, which is why I kind of want to own one. Thanks!
PM'd about color.. this is the oxblood mix?
Is that oxblood or bordeux? Do you still have the tag by any chance? Thanks!
Anyone order form Frans Boone in Germany or Centre Commercial in France before? Duties? Thanks!
Any retailers in the States still carry an Oxblood Stark? Thought Indigo & Cotton's code wasn't good until Thursday, but it's good now, and the oxbloods are all sold out there. Would prefer not to resort to Europe due to customs fears (unless you guys have had luck with Frans Boone).
Anyone know if they'll ever release the 3139 Work Chukka in Coppersmith in the States? They seem like an EU-only thing at the moment.
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