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PM'd about color.. this is the oxblood mix?
Is that oxblood or bordeux? Do you still have the tag by any chance? Thanks!
Anyone order form Frans Boone in Germany or Centre Commercial in France before? Duties? Thanks!
Any retailers in the States still carry an Oxblood Stark? Thought Indigo & Cotton's code wasn't good until Thursday, but it's good now, and the oxbloods are all sold out there. Would prefer not to resort to Europe due to customs fears (unless you guys have had luck with Frans Boone).
Anyone know if they'll ever release the 3139 Work Chukka in Coppersmith in the States? They seem like an EU-only thing at the moment. http://www.redwingamsterdam.com/blog/321/introducing-the-work-chukka-copper-worksmith
WTB: your size 48 moto in black or red.. would prefer the old-style zips (not the dangling nipple tassels) Thanks!
Pretty much identical to this other listing. Model/color is T630, which is supposedly rustic brown, but the jacket looks more dark olive/black than such. Bought it from another SF member. Details are: Outer fabric is 56% cotton, 44% polyester. Inner: 100% cotton. Lower lining: 65% polyester, 35% cotton. Filling: 100% polyester. Measurement: Armpit to Armpit: ~22.5" Back Length: ~33" Front Length: ~31" Located in San Francisco and would be willing to meet up in...
Warby Parker's glasses come from China. Ethically, they try to balance this out by giving away a pair. Bon Look does the same thing.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude so my sage tokito bicycle measures 20.5 p2p ... theres plenty of chest clearance for layering but i just have an EG workshirt on. quick pics below [[SPOILER]] Looks great! What size is the jacket and what's your build? Cheers.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stripes So tonight was my first shift, and I almost landed on my ass twice after slipping on the kitchen floor. There are no specific requirements for the shoes, only that they be black leather dress shoes. Shoes For Crews.. nothing else works better, especially for under $80. The leather is cheap, but the soles are worth the sacrifice. Secondly, if you're looking for affordable, slim-fit dress shirts, check...
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