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Hi Rick, Can you tell me what the lapel widths are on the slim fit suit, 36S and 38S? Thanks!
^I think yesterday was the last day...sorry. My guess is the next sale will likely happen during the next Canadian holiday long August 3-6.
Does anyone know if it's possible to remove the white "1969" on the back of the jeans?
OP here! I have not bothered to have my old ties narrowed...I just ended up buying new ones. But around where I live, tailors are charging $20-$25 to narrow ties. From their website, Tie Crafters is charging $19.50 per tie excluding shipping. It might be worth it to send them to Tie Crafters and having it professionally done, imo.
I've been to Oakridge Tailors a few times over the past year, and recently went there to get some of my shirt sleeves shortened. They charged $25 a shirt to shorten the sleeves which includes moving the placket, and another $25 to slim the sleeves a bit. Not the cheapest in town (any suggestions on who would be?), but I got it done anyway. I find that Bill and Joy are both super nice, and their work is good, although you have to be firm in what you want, because...
So armholes are lower now? That's odd. I remember when Jason raised the armholes significantly when I ordered my 2nd suit back in 2009, and the raised armholes were for the better in terms of my fit.
A True Mob Story (1998). An HK triad movie starring Andy Lau, but with a more interesting premise than other typical films of this genre.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo Any ideas on who's car Holder got into? Do we think Gwen did it? ^my guess is he got in with the current mayor, whatever his name is.
Just noticed on Jason's website that their jackets will have no shoulder padding at all, unless you specify otherwise. Anyone have any experience with the new jackets?
Discovering PKZip and being able to copy large game files over multiple floppies.
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