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The website says its donegal wool. My North Sea jumper is all new wool. They do look very similar but North Sea make in England and the Cabourn website says theirs is made in Scotland - I think there was a post by Eric a little while back which named Cabourn's makers, IIRC they use Andersen in Scotland.I really like this season's fair isle patterns. I have a couple of the fair isle jumpers from AW12 but last year's seemed to all have at least one colour in the mix I...
I have the grey herringbone Bedford from last season - pretty much goes with anything EG or otherwise, except trousers of a too-similar colour &/or shade.
I've tried sizing down from S to XS in a couple of EG items - 19thC buttondown and a Bedford jacket - but the short sleeves have been a problem. To wear those items properly with arms in proportion to height I'd need to be under 5'5" at a guess. So I just need to buy smalls and accept the relaxed fit really.
If by walnut you mean a lighter brown, then yes I think that will clash.Trickers Stow, looks like.
At first glance the white Vibergs seem to be unusable, but I thought that about the white suede Alden indies that were around little while back and then there were some pretty nice fits posted with those.
It looks like the sort of thing John Smedley might do, although I can't see a non-button version in their current line-up.BTW love the Old Town ad copy:
Trunk in Marylebone carry Boglioli. LBM I have no experience with I'm afraid.
Good move, you get a much better understanding of the leathers from even a small piece than you can from a picture.
Took the kids horse riding this week, not something I've ever been involved in before. The smell of the tack room was fantastic, pretty much what I imagine the Equus workshop smells like ..
That's the look I'm aiming for, and certainly how I picture all you guys, am I off base here?I wonder why he chose 2015, given that the war started in 1914?Anyway, I expect great things .. imho the British in WWI were the best turned-out infantry of all time, at least until the fighting started.
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