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At first glance the white Vibergs seem to be unusable, but I thought that about the white suede Alden indies that were around little while back and then there were some pretty nice fits posted with those.
It looks like the sort of thing John Smedley might do, although I can't see a non-button version in their current line-up.BTW love the Old Town ad copy:
Trunk in Marylebone carry Boglioli. LBM I have no experience with I'm afraid.
Good move, you get a much better understanding of the leathers from even a small piece than you can from a picture.
Took the kids horse riding this week, not something I've ever been involved in before. The smell of the tack room was fantastic, pretty much what I imagine the Equus workshop smells like ..
That's the look I'm aiming for, and certainly how I picture all you guys, am I off base here?I wonder why he chose 2015, given that the war started in 1914?Anyway, I expect great things .. imho the British in WWI were the best turned-out infantry of all time, at least until the fighting started.
I have jumpers from both SNS and Inverallan and they fill different needs. The SNS are much lighter but they are very warm for their weight - as pointed out easier to layer, pack for a trip, etc. I sometimes find the Inverallans too warm, if I layer one under some outerwear and then do any kind of activity I can overheat even when it is extremely cold.
Good info, Eric, thanks!I don't know what you're looking for specifically but some of the Mister Freedom stuff could possibly fall into that category.
I have one of their down shirt jackets in charcoal herringbone that I bought from the Bureau - I didn't really know what to expect but it is a superb piece. I might be in for another depending on material, more likely in for a vest though. IIRC there was a run of shirt jackets and vests done using Harris tweed by Unionmade a couple of years ago and those looked incredible.
I would have thought He would be more likely to run Linux.
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