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Knit jackets in the 3rd TBB drop, very nice. Expedition jacket looks great. I think I have shot my bolt for this season on the shawl collar knit though. Also, "Boumemouth" shirt? I can't tell if that's a deliberate misspelling or someone's seen "Bournemouth" with a handwritten "r" & "n" run together.
I think J Crew carry Dept B, or you might be able to find Barbour SL somewhere which is also a slimmer fit. Otherwise I'm not sure what there is in the US - I would guess Filson might do a similar waxed jacket or you might like one of the options at Epaulet.
Traditional Barbour jackets are fairly loose in fit, but I think the newer Dept B or xTokihito stuff is slimmer fitting.That looks like a moto style leather, which to me are some of the most minimal looking leather jackets - the biker style you're thinking of is probably the double rider. I have no experience with Boss in any capacity but I suspect you would be paying a large premium for the label, whether that is good or bad is up to you.Don't know what quality/price...
There's quite a few decent-looking sweats around at the moment. Joe McCoy's maybe, if you want an old school repro. EPLA are doing hoodies too if you want something less rigorously heritage. My gym bag is by Briefing, US-made, heavy-duty nylon, I think they make for the military so it's fairly hefty stuff. [edit] quick check, it's the "gym wire bag"
I was referred to the WW1 rollneck - it's in the description:I went to the site on my laptop to look that up - it's even worse than on a phone!
I don't know about on the ipad but it's a real pain on the iphone.I'm usually a 46 but I'd like to try sizing down on a couple of pieces (Mallory & Cameraman) so I guess I'll have to look to Japan for that.
The website says its donegal wool. My North Sea jumper is all new wool. They do look very similar but North Sea make in England and the Cabourn website says theirs is made in Scotland - I think there was a post by Eric a little while back which named Cabourn's makers, IIRC they use Andersen in Scotland.I really like this season's fair isle patterns. I have a couple of the fair isle jumpers from AW12 but last year's seemed to all have at least one colour in the mix I...
I have the grey herringbone Bedford from last season - pretty much goes with anything EG or otherwise, except trousers of a too-similar colour &/or shade.
I've tried sizing down from S to XS in a couple of EG items - 19thC buttondown and a Bedford jacket - but the short sleeves have been a problem. To wear those items properly with arms in proportion to height I'd need to be under 5'5" at a guess. So I just need to buy smalls and accept the relaxed fit really.
If by walnut you mean a lighter brown, then yes I think that will clash.Trickers Stow, looks like.
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