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@migsy999I was meaning to ask this at the time as you must be one of the few people here with direct experience with the Surgeon jacket - does it fit similarly to the Mallory jackets?I've been looking at some of the Japanese stockists, but not sure if I should be thinking of sizing down or whatever.
Ah, kangaroo RMs, definitely on the wish list.I haven't had these CXL Vibergs very long, but the CXL Aldens I've had for 5+ years have not stretched noticeably.Yes, at least the RMs are ok with any thickness sock as the side gusset compensates well.
I wear size 8 in RMs & 8.5 in Viberg 2030. The RMs are the Craftsman, medium width (8G?). That's a close fit on me, pretty much perfectly sized.The Viberg 2030 has a bit of space in the heel and across the forefoot, but isn't too bad and has broken in nicely enough that I haven't felt the need to put in a tongue pad, insole or anything. I couldn't go down a size as then there wouldn't be enough length or room in the toebox.I hope that helps?
Oh, good point, I'd never thought of it like that.Although, are uniforms about "getting the clothes out of the way"? I suppose they are sometimes, although sometimes it's about getting the person out of the way so that you only see a policeman, a soldier, etc. Along those lines and at the risk of Godwin-ing the thread, one of the first things I think of with black dress shirts is Oswald Mosley.Anyway as far as dress shirts go I generally just stick to light blue, it is...
I would extend "similar" to include artistic settings generally .. particularly in the visual arts, dressing with a minimum of colour or fuss always looks to me like the wearer is trying to get out of the way of the art.
The thread I meant can be found at the internet archive link, on the second line of the thread you linked to. I don't know if the collar is a major reason why it looks odd to me, perhaps a non-spread collar would seem better but I think if the shirt was a more "country" cloth like a plain oxford or a tattersall then the collar wouldn't matter so much. Anyway it looks to me like your blue striped shirt wants to be a part of this: Whereas your jacket and tie want a...
Like the guys are saying above, it woud be even better with more texture and a less formal collar. A blue striped broadcloth shirt with a partly cutaway collar looks very business-like to me, while the jacket and tie are more casual. Vox did a whole thread on coherence which is worth reading.
We might be at cross-purposes here but the boots I'm referring to are your earlier makeup, the SF MTO icy mocha service boot - tongue attached at the level of the second eyelet from the top.
In this particular pair the tongue is attached at the 6th eyelet, i.e. 2nd from the top so nearly all the way up. Just as you can see here (not my boots):
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