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I'm interested in an iced mocha service boot if we're talking dainite sole/unstructured toe box, although I'd like to know the price.
I have canvas sweater bags I keep them in, and they do take up a lot of room even folded presentation-style. I've seen others post about using tupperware-type boxes which would allow you to squish them down a bit I guess. I don't find creases a problem though, they tend to fall out after wearing for a little while. BTW some more pieces are up at Mandon, I noticed yesterday.
^ FWIW I also think the fit is fine on you if it's a close fit you're after. I hardly ever wear red but I don't mind it in a piece of outerwear like a windbreaker.I agree with Blaugrana, it's a great colour for anyone, certainly in that piece. I have the navy but would love to find either the yellow or orange as well.I think I'm seeing a light blue ventile aircraft jacket in robin's Tranoi link. That looks promising to me!Presumably a few of the big names among the...
Thank you .. I thought that might be the case.
Browsing through that Yoox link reminds me: I have noticed that this season's green jersey mallory does not seem to have sold at all well. Does anyone know where the Cabourn x Converse Bosey boot is made? I would guess wherever the rest of the Converse stuff is made but I can't find that confirmed anywhere.
That looks great! I don't think they were made in my size unfortunately.
I'm guessing hazel, or maybe the russet Baker's after it has worn in a bit - but why don't you get him to send you some samples? I received some with my last belt order and it takes the guesswork out of things.
I looked at the summer Mallory with this in mind and concluded there wasn't enough allowance of cloth to take the vent any further towards the shoulder. I guess things would be different in a lined jacket perhaps.
AFAICT they are made to fit short, like the 1930s sports jackets they were modelled after which allowed a lot of freedom of movement. That particular fit seems right in the shoulders so apart from the slightly long sleeves (still acceptable in a rtw/workwear piece imo) it probably fits how it was meant to.After acquiring a few NC pieces and hearing people discuss various fitting issues I've come to think that NC mostly fits how it is intended - e.g. my SS Mallory is very...
Good .. I thought, if she really meant it, that was a nasty burn she just gave you!Thanks for the pic - nice fit and the naval pants are looking good. I don't own any NC trousers, always thought they'd be too baggy for me but maybe not.
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