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I agree with this - while neither is a dead on match, the Baker's is closer. #8 is such a specific colour that to get a very close match you'd need a belt made from it as well IMO.Of course, that's not to say that you should be trying to match exactly anyway, often things look better overall if they don't.I seem to say this everytime I post in this thread, but I highly recommend to everyone to get the samples, it all makes much more sense then.
Nice, I lived in Canterbury for a couple of years and your location shots always make me nostalgic.
^ Kent coast? .. Broadstairs? Looks lovely anyway. Nice fit too!
Delayed in customs, where they are demanding money with menaces.
It's similar but Black Watch is mostly green and blue, that looks like MacLeod or something.I quite like the pattern but I wouldn't wear it with a tie at all, and if I did I wouldn't choose one that so obviously picked up one of the pattern colours.
Thanks for sharing your experiences. I was very close to ordering a pair of desert longs a couple of years ago but it looks like they've pulled that model now, at least it's no longer on the website: (There are a couple more good photos on the first page of this thread.) I could email them, I suppose ..
Darts? if they're vertical seams.
Once as I was sewing a button back onto a tweed mallory the others began falling gently off like autumn leaves. It was a melancholy moment. I could've written a haiku.Other than that only a busted snap on an aircraft jacket which the shop fixed free of charge.
Good point. I have a natural leather ring belt I like a lot but never wear as it's just too wide. I think I'd get a lot of use out of a narrower replacement. It's about 4mm thick and could probably stand to be a bit thinner.
That is good news. Are you in Japan? I heard they don't tend to ship outside the country and much prefer you to buy instore.
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