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Once as I was sewing a button back onto a tweed mallory the others began falling gently off like autumn leaves. It was a melancholy moment. I could've written a haiku.Other than that only a busted snap on an aircraft jacket which the shop fixed free of charge.
Good point. I have a natural leather ring belt I like a lot but never wear as it's just too wide. I think I'd get a lot of use out of a narrower replacement. It's about 4mm thick and could probably stand to be a bit thinner.
That is good news. Are you in Japan? I heard they don't tend to ship outside the country and much prefer you to buy instore.
Sorry, I totally missed that we were discussing the Scott belt, in which case I agree they are more a rugged look. I only wear mine in a casual setting.Mention of casual belts reminds me I meant to ask - Charlie do you have the hardware to make a 1 1/4" ring belt, and would that work in russet Bakers?
They don't look overly long from the outside - obviously it's how they feel to you. What sizes are you usually? I'm generally a UK8 and I think I figured that out to be a 2 in Moto, although I don't own any as yet.
There's a bit of back-and-forth on this a couple of pages earlier in this thread, if it helps.Personally I think the leather is fine if the style is appropriate - reasonable narrow belt with one of the more formal buckles (e.g. Mayfair, Bloomsbury).
I like that sort of thing best as a layer - you get the design as a part of the overall effect without beating people over the head with LOOK AT MY FAIR ISLE JUMPER EVERYONESome nice effects, original photos bensolujofin & reedobandito:
I don't have a makeup which would be definitively better than any of the above, nearly all of which I really like, but just some general thoughts: - for a contrast tongue on the waxed flesh, perhaps using the reverse of the same leather would be interesting - red dainite with the natural CXL is a really nice detail - I'd like to see a partially structured toe, the unstructured toe I have is collapsing and the fully structured is a bit too 1950s-dispatch-rider for me -...
I dunno, I'd be lucky to get away from a mirror with one on, I like them on others but would almost certainly be a disaster on me.Google fails me here, did you mean Trunk?
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