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Quote: Originally Posted by mafoofan I think it's harder to get into medical school than law school across the board, whether it's a top school or a middling one. Hell, anyone can go to law school. The same can't be said of medical school. Residency sucks, but after you pay your dues things get much, much better and easier. Medicine makes a lot more fiscal sense as a lifelong profession to me than lawyering. From a money perspective, law only looks...
Not pictured: Sunday's row of five pairs of Crocs.
Quote: Originally Posted by LTM I'll draw your attention to Rossi (Rossiters) Boots, well regarded in SA for their walking and work boots. Yeah, there are still a few local alternatives for work boots like Rossi. Redback are another. (IIRC = "if I recall correctly")
I wear 8 in RMs and Blundstones, although as noted above the RMs have a closer fit. BTW Blundstone offshored their production a few years ago and are no longer value for money IMHO. RMW also make work/paddock boots which I would buy over current production Blunnies, the other advantage here being that you know your size already.
Are you still going to get in the Brixton boot in ravello shell? It certainly looks great in black. (I haven't been to Brixton in years, fond memories if a little blurry.)
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman Yeah - 66 now, I was 18 at the time. I was there from Jan. 2 1962 to Jan. 2 1962. Didn't like, so I busted the joint. It's not documented because it would've made the US prison system look like a joke. Mad respect.
You'd be surprised at how little your anxiety symptoms are perceptible by the audience, at least that is my experience. The best cure is probably to present as much as you can; the anxiety wears off pretty quickly as your body figures out nothing bad happened the last few times so it gets bored. If you're set on trying beta blockers, there are many many side effects from impotence through to the one side effect common to all drugs; death. I would think your risk of most...
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo I was actually being serious. I mean I know that there is job protectionism in Europe but there has to be a way to get a job somehow. How about non-EU countries? Canada, Austrailia, South American countries? Difficult in Australia; the immigration is fairly tight even though most locals don't really see it that way. South America it probably varies by country; I met a few Westerners when I was in...
Quote: Originally Posted by ramuman The only prison I've ever been to was Alcatraz You must be as hard as nails. (And in your mid-60s or so?)
You've got death/war/pestilence, I propose famine as a missing option e.g. death of all the bees, agricultural collapse, mass starvation.
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