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Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman The decline of Country Road is very sad. I had quite a lot of CR stuff throughout the 1990s, up to when they switched manufacturing to China in the late 1990s. I appreciate PG, fxh & others' point that quality isn't necessarily related to what the "made in .." label says, but CR did seem to take a dive in quality around the late 90s after I moved o/s. I used to pick up a few things from them on visits...
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee Thank you - but usually the quality of a house's RTW diffusion lines don't really speak to bespoke quality. Lauren Ralph Lauren is apparently terrible, but RLPL is pretty good bespoke. RLPL does bespoke?
This thread has been back from the dead for 12 hours and shows no signs of becoming Godwinned yet. Well done everybody.
+1 on the RCDM in Birmingham, lots of knowlege there. Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I would think it to be prudent to first explore what materials can and can't be used. I imagine the Asics because the soles are rubber/softer and allow for a much smoother range of motion. I'm thinking it may be difficult for him to walk in leather-soled shoes. If rubber is necessary, perhaps a Dainite sole? Rubber but much more dressy looking than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Both of us will be publishing in medical journals, in fact I think he may have already submitted. You write clearly and I appreciate some of your points, but where are you going to publish your non-randomised non-controlled study with two subjects in two different treatment arms? Am J Anecdotal Cardiol.?
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Yes, that Shoo-ie on FNB is a number one A-hole. He's demonstrated time and time again he knows nothing. Bet he was raised in the Outback. In all fairness to outback-dwelling Aussies - while they may not be the sharpest pencils in the box, they are usually not piss-drinking women-beating mentalists.
Quote: Originally Posted by facebookdigg123 dress like a slob. guaranteed to not be chosen I've never been called, but if I didn't want to sit on the jury my approach would be to dress up rather than down. Here in the UK I would wear a pinstripe suit, carry a copy of the FT and try to give the impression that I was looking forward to sending down some chavs for a good long stretch - and then hope the defence lawyers would oppose selection.
I can't knit at all, but my wife is heavily into crochet. She asked me to choose a wool for a scarf she's making me, and I was actually quite surprised at how cheap even the upmarket yarns are. As far as I can gather, knitting is not particularly difficult to learn but some people find it hard to get their head around. For example although my wife can crochet beautifully she failed to learn to knit despite several attempts. Anyway, I think you should go for it: you...
His favourite beer is Carling .. could be that?
Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches ^i think he looks like an old and disheveled man who escaped from his assisted living place In that case, he's jackin' my style.
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