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Quote: Originally Posted by aj_del selling 700+ USD shoes ? ...
Quote: Originally Posted by bbaquiran LOL @ 2 dudes playing. Viable strategy if they're into nerd girls.
I quite like it, fairly fashion forward I suppose but the cut strikes me as very good as far as RTW goes. The amount of sheen is hard to figure out from photographs but I'm inclined to agree it is a bit much. I've often liked the look of Reiss stuff but never found anything that looks right on me apart from the occasional jumper.
Yes, if they notice. I have never been able to figure out what they pick up on exactly as even when the value is clearly marked it sometimes comes through without charges. For items made overseas I have often found that even if you have to pay the charges it is still cheaper than buying locally, presumably since the local dealers pay those charges anyway and then add their own profit to compensate.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria "LONDON"”In the buttoned-down world of Savile Row, Matthew Farnes is an awkward fit. "The 35-year-old Mr. Farnes calls himself a Savile Row tailor even though his workshop is in his house outside London, far from the city's famous district of custom suitmakers that has grown up around the street. Traditional Savile Row tailors require precise customer fittings in their shops; Mr. Farnes makes house calls. In a...
Quote: Originally Posted by epa LOL. "English modesty bullshit". ROTFLMFAO. Exactly, what _is_ that supposed to mean?
Got mine today, very nicely done, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Parker It would be great to have a 57" length for us shorter-, I mean totally regular-, height dudes. Yeah, I'll add my vote to this as well. They look great but I know the length as is won't work on me.
Just received the pocket squares and cufflinks I ordered - really nice pieces, thank you.
Quote: Originally Posted by stylemeup Once I bought a Truzzi 100% linen shirt from a fine member here, but it wrinkles like crazy, I think because it's linen. I was wondering if the red pants would wrinkle like crazy too because they are 48% linen? They look amazing! I have cotton-linen trousers from other makers, and the tendency of linen to wrinkle is reduced a lot with that blend. I guess the same would apply with a silk-linen blend,...
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