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Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Penguin The publisher, or the chocolate biscuit manufacturer? Both are okay by me.
That's a really nice coat and cloth as well - I was looking at that pic just the other day actually. What is the Shetland like compared to a Harris tweed? I'm trying to find a tweed that's heavy and compact, almost felt-like, and that pic seems like it might be the sort of thing I'm after.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar One of Jersey shore's uber guido at the premiere of Tron? Either that or Axle or course. Quote: Originally Posted by apropos [[SPOILER]] I quite like the jacket itself; I'm picking up a mild 1790s vibe.
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man What would this Louis Vuitton shoe good for ? A doggie chew toy?
Quote: Originally Posted by Last Year's Man Edwards of Manchester +1
Quote: Originally Posted by kolecho So many closet cases emerging. This has been discussed quite a bit on the Alden thread in SW&D, it seems to be a known issue. How big a deal it is to any particular individual is up to them. For me, given the distance from Alden themselves and the lack of a decent local cobbler, it is annoying enough to be a deal-breaker if it crops up again. I'm sure Trickers (or Viberg, or Red Wing, or ..) have...
I feel bad adding to the negativity, but my chromexcel ultimate Indys from Leather Soul had exactly the same problem. The local cobbler restitched and glued them; his stitching came out almost immediately leaving a gluey mess, so no more of my business for him. As others say I've not had similar problems with C&J, EG, Blundstone, RMW etc. Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I have had (and still have most) about 10 pair of Aldens and these...
^ Same for me so I suspect not an uncommon issue. Panta wouldn't necessarily have to offer a fully customizable service like Hober, but a few workable lengths/widths would be helpful, say like Drakes standard widths of 3.25" or 3.5" with proportional length.
Quote: Originally Posted by benecios What's the verdict on this? http://www.coggles.com/item/Nigel-Ca...an-Jacket/85UF Great if you can make it work for you. I'm quite sure I couldn't! Don't you have three or four of these already though? Quote: Originally Posted by gdl203 I agree with this. Today was not very cold and I was quite surprised to see the inside of the Mac portion wet with condensation when I took it...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherman90 A fucking iTunes library with 60 days worth of music I either listen to at the gym or while surfing the web...degraded in sound and place at once! I think this is an appropriate use of digital music. You can carry lots of music in your pocket and listen to it in places that wouldn't allow for indepth listening in any case - the gym, driving, public transport, etc. I have lots of vinyl, mostly bought...
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