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Quote: Originally Posted by sonlegoman I'm surprised people don't scam you. Every time I read a post of yours, I feel like I want to scam you. +1 I guess it's the internet equivalent of having a punchable face IRL.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Vox looks like the guy from the us version of the Office.. Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar On the left.... You meant on the right? That's Ricky Gervais from the original UK version on the left.
Quote: Originally Posted by bleachboy how difficult they are to obtain.
Quote: Originally Posted by Stylish Pilot I believe this is the program she is looking for in London. http://www.bbk.ac.uk/study/pg/egyptology/egypt.html I did my MSc at Birkbeck, overall a fairly good institute to study at. It's about two minutes' walk from the British Museum which may be a consideration for Egyptology. Having said that, from the list you've given I'd probably choose Edinburgh as being manageably small but still...
Quote: Originally Posted by celery Yeah, you need to fire this guy. He won't help me at all, he just stands there drawing. That is just great.
Quote: Originally Posted by dr.no him @last week: ... What I, like is the excellent suede Vaclav?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nosu3 I suspect that insects/bugs aren't (as) capable of suffering because they are a common prey. Evolutionarily, developmentally, physiologically, it would not make sense for them to experience existence or pain to the magnitude of other animals. Quote: Originally Posted by Arrogant Bastard Everything in the animal kingdom is prey for something else .. You can't selectively apply the law of the...
Yes, that's who I was thinking of but didn't want to assume anything. Although apparently there are in fact at least two ..
I'm pretty sure there's at least one regular WAYWRN poster who uses them.
Quote: Originally Posted by hopkins_student There's no amount of compensation that could replace being able to suck out brain. Exactly, if that's your thing. Although you have to take a lot of punishment before the bosses let you anywhere near the brain. Plus neurosurgical outcomes are often very depressing, particularly in emergency work.
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