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Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Extremely high quality, with fairly conservative, yet still very sharp patterns. That's the holy grail for many of us. Drake's is one SF-groupthink-approved maker that deserves its hype, IMO. A couple of different lengths/widths which is helpful as well.
It's amazing how difficult it is to read something with no spaces after any of the punctuation. Anyway .. Quote: Originally Posted by academe As others have pointed out, the bottom line is how well a company implements their quality control. Provided they have stringent QC it shouldn't matter where a product is made. That's fair enough, but there are plenty of recent instances of companies moving production to China but neglecting QC...
Quote: Originally Posted by CHECKstar I am open to suggestions on what the colour actually is, and just as a footnote, the shirt is not pink, but actually red and white twill. That's RLPL? Looks good, very appropriate for the subtropics. I would've said it was cream in that pic, but if everyone IRL is calling it yellow or camel coloured then maybe it's more of a sand.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola Rule number 1. If a shop clerk tries to give medical advice roll eyes and ignore. Indeed; contact allergy to lanolin is well-described.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum is def petrus. 50 some year old dude bragging about only banging college broads, pretentious, douchey, bragging about old money seriously can we just put him on global ignore I would've said Style Guru was Petrus but whatever, they're both dead wood that global ignore could only improve. As for Komisarjevsky, I agree with NorCal that the authorities might like to have his IP.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman The decline of Country Road is very sad. I had quite a lot of CR stuff throughout the 1990s, up to when they switched manufacturing to China in the late 1990s. I appreciate PG, fxh & others' point that quality isn't necessarily related to what the "made in .." label says, but CR did seem to take a dive in quality around the late 90s after I moved o/s. I used to pick up a few things from them on visits...
Quote: Originally Posted by godofcoffee Thank you - but usually the quality of a house's RTW diffusion lines don't really speak to bespoke quality. Lauren Ralph Lauren is apparently terrible, but RLPL is pretty good bespoke. RLPL does bespoke?
This thread has been back from the dead for 12 hours and shows no signs of becoming Godwinned yet. Well done everybody.
+1 on the RCDM in Birmingham, lots of knowlege there. Quote: Originally Posted by NORE I would think it to be prudent to first explore what materials can and can't be used. I imagine the Asics because the soles are rubber/softer and allow for a much smoother range of motion. I'm thinking it may be difficult for him to walk in leather-soled shoes. If rubber is necessary, perhaps a Dainite sole? Rubber but much more dressy looking than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zanth Both of us will be publishing in medical journals, in fact I think he may have already submitted. You write clearly and I appreciate some of your points, but where are you going to publish your non-randomised non-controlled study with two subjects in two different treatment arms? Am J Anecdotal Cardiol.?
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