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Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe It's the eyes. He sees my soul. To me he seems as if he's thinking of all the jolly japes he's going to get up to with my corpse.
Quote: Originally Posted by pauliec (no laces, it's a slip on with an elastic band under the tongue) Dear god.
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet And I couldn't resist - we took some quick iphone shots of the Millerain piece. [[SPOILER]] Looks great. Where are they making these?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dewey Ever since EG started selling through J. Crew and using union labor, their QC has been on the slide. Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain It's probably due the the MLK holiday and all the Afro Americans that work there I suspect the ever-present influence of the elegant Socialists. Quote: Originally Posted by tomascot Factory phone number 01604626880...
Spammer. Has a link in every post which redirects to Amazon but is wrapped in image tags and so invisible unless you quote the post. I guess it shows up to bots and thereby alters google rankings?
The Donegal Yarns Mill has gone bankrupt?
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Penguin The publisher, or the chocolate biscuit manufacturer? Both are okay by me.
That's a really nice coat and cloth as well - I was looking at that pic just the other day actually. What is the Shetland like compared to a Harris tweed? I'm trying to find a tweed that's heavy and compact, almost felt-like, and that pic seems like it might be the sort of thing I'm after.
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar One of Jersey shore's uber guido at the premiere of Tron? Either that or Axle or course. Quote: Originally Posted by apropos [[SPOILER]] I quite like the jacket itself; I'm picking up a mild 1790s vibe.
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man What would this Louis Vuitton shoe good for ? A doggie chew toy?
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