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Quote: Originally Posted by academe at the time, Tom was taking new clients and Steed was not. I wanted to have something made in the A&S style, and Cumbria was closer to me (Scotland) than Hitchcock or A&S... This is pretty much how I ended up with Steed, having been told Mahon wasn't taking new clients. I do have to go to London on business twice a year or so but I usually avoid the place as much as possible, and Cumbria isn't too far...
I quite liked David Hockney's entry (at 37) in a dishevelled academic kind of way.
Quote: Originally Posted by luk-cha having see your, i think you got one of the nicer ones, not fair :-( Some get the nicer ones, some don't get offered anything, go figure.
Marcoliani? HY has a couple.
Just as bad are the "fits great" posts when the item in question does nothing of the sort. As for the OP; Toronto is not that far from NYC, and there are some good tailors either residing or visiting there. (Also, given your qualifications I hope you misspelt your username on purpose.)
Quote: Originally Posted by Redwoood I think the mods are all gone today. Apparently not, thank goodness.
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff What would be the proper response? I don't know, but I suspect a swordstick would be involved somehow.
Quote: Originally Posted by brimley 20 year primate study out of UW Madison regarding 30% caloric restriction: http://www.technologyreview.com/biomedicine/22977/ Thanks, that's interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by WhateverYouLike Would love to see the well established sources that say not eating increases lifespan. AFAIK, it was established decades ago that caloric restriction extends lifespan in rodents and yeasts but it's still not proven in primates. Work on drugs that mimic caloric restriction is ongoing. There are probably better sources, but a quick search turned up this abstract from Baltimore/Johns Hopkins. Of...
^ On a similar note, I wonder how often this guy gets asked if he's from New Zealand: Quote: Originally Posted by merkur
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