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Quote: Originally Posted by landshark Read the whole article I did. As I said, structural argument - fine. Assertion from a MTM shirtmaker that an asymmetrically tailored bespoke shirt is going to make me look freakish - not so convincing.
They appear to consider and dismiss what I thought was the actual or original reason for a split yoke: Quote: 3) Another argument you will often hear is that split yokes provide for a better fit. I’ve been scratching my head over this argument for awhile. I suppose it’s possible that a really advanced bespoke tailor on Jermyn street would adjust the different sides of the yoke to accommodate for some unevenness in the shoulders and that that this could...
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy So, how is that working for you? Now that you've called my bluff, I don't have the chops to riff on that any further. What actually happens is that I read instead of watching TV, and cook things I like to eat that she doesn't. All pretty boring really.
Quote: Originally Posted by david3558 Newest addition to the family. Alden 403's! [[SPOILER]] Agreed, great pic. Is that a silverface Champ?
Quote: Originally Posted by frenchy as long as he has a dynamic IP he can actually do that,keep coming back that is I guess everyone needs a hobby.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy Your wife or GF is out of town for a few days. What do you do that is different than when she is around? Pray she returns before I kill again.
^ Sonlegoman is perfectly legit. If his avatar is putting you off, don't worry it's not really him.
Quote: Originally Posted by PTWilliams It could be because these people think who they are is more important than what they wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Metlin It's a hobby, albeit one that I enjoy. [[SPOILER]] +1. RSS put it quite well in the Rubinacci thread: Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Of course not. In the grand scheme of things ... clothing is relatively minor from my point of view. That is probably why I enjoy talking about clothes ... doing so takes my mind off things that are ... well ... more pressing. It's a lesser form of meditation in the way it clears...
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe It's the eyes. He sees my soul. To me he seems as if he's thinking of all the jolly japes he's going to get up to with my corpse.
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