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Quote: Originally Posted by tonio028 the organization and initiation for getting this started here is outstanding and generous +1 I was searching for examples of the Aran tweeds made up into garments and yarn 1745 led me to a blog post about the yarn factory. It's a bit breathless but an interesting read I think. Yarn 1745 itself is looking pretty good there.
Quote: Originally Posted by fxh Welcome - although the Oz thread is generalist- i like to think its friendly and lacks the juvenile gauche competitiveness and general immaturity of much of the rest of SF and so is a good place to discuss a range of clothing issues. Yeah, there's a couple of spots on SF that are relatively sane and this is one of them. Quote: Originally Posted by fxh the general *military trend away from a...
Next are still a bit too trendy to completely occupy M&S' old niche, I would think. I have no idea who might.
Quote: Originally Posted by academe First of all, I was responding specifically to the comment: That was my comment and I had a specific example in mind when making it: Blundstone made an iconic and recognisably Australian workboot in Tasmania from 1870 until 2000 or so when they offshored production to China. To me, that then destroys its cultural cachet and the boot is not the same item - and it wouldn't be if they'd offshored to Italy or...
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I pop into M&S occasionally, and .. have left with little more than socks & underwear. That seems to be many people's relationship with M&S now. I do remember seeing some nice old M&S stuff in ManofKent's WAYWRNs a while back and being pleasantly surprised by it, but there's been nothing worth purchasing in any M&S I've been into in a very long time.
Quote: Originally Posted by hermes man i want to look like a stylish gentlemen that is ready for some fun which would be more young girl friendly I think you're doing just fine, judging by the way you look in your avatar.
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitMyself No one can be allergic to wool. It is physically impossible. Not that common, but definitely exists: "lanolin sensitization has remained at a relatively low and constant rate even in a high-risk population" http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/1...277.x/abstract "Among 899 consecutive patients .. 48 females and 12 males, gave a positive reaction to lanolin and/or its...
Quote: Originally Posted by IronRock Jones the Bootmaker...... Any good? No, I'm afraid not. Not Northampton made, if that's what you're asking.
Quote: Originally Posted by Oleg from the UK, I can't see them as an even remotely controversial choice. +1
I have a black grenadine from Hober which is great. Drakes do them as well.
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