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".. it's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."
In the cooler seasons I nearly always wear a blue oxford cloth shirt - MC or SWD, tie or no tie, alone under a jacket or layered with other shirts/jumpers/etc. I was looking at a stack that came back from the laundry waiting to be put away and thought of this thread. They are always reliable and comfortable, and make me contented. (top down = TBB, EG Workaday, two mto from Acorn fabric)
My favourite thread.I might go post in it now, maybe that will encourage further posts.
I think a blue tattersall/navy tie would work. With a solid blue shirt you might want a pattern tie, Hober does some nice patterned challis wool ties for example. I would stay away from a white shirt with tweed, there is an entire thread somewhere here about the overuse of white shirts and personally I tend to prefer blue except for specific circumstances. Mustard could work I suppose. I don't think too much in terms of colour so I'm probably not the right guy to make...
I can vouch for @Kontos - just got a beautiful charcoal grey Andover in exchange for the herringbone grey Bedford which should arrive with him shortly. The fit of the Andover in S is far better than the XS Bedford was so I am stoked, although I loved the herringbone fabric so I will have to replace that Bedford with the right size sometime. I still have: XS 19th C blue oxford button-down, FW13? S grey/blue wool/nylon jacket - now pretty sure this is the FW09 engineer...
What's the sizing like on these, the ts(s) quilted jacket? I'm a 36, is the 2 going to be too large?
Looks like the lower half is the tweed used for the AW14 aircraft jacket inner vests? I like it there, not so much in that Cameraman
What a great thread .. I have the following that don't really get the use they should: Workaday XS 19th C blue oxford button-down - maybe FW13? Too small for me especially in the sleeves, I was trying to outthink Mr Suzuki by sizing down and failed. XS grey herringbone Bedford - season unknown. I love this jacket but again too small. I'd love to swap straight across for the same thing in a S. Trade in progress .. S grey/blue wool/nylon jacket - I think this is the...
^ Agreed, Cabourn is much more of an AW thing for me.Having said that, I like the look of most of what I see there. The cutdown CWP is right up my alley, as are the aircraft jackets (not that I really need yet another one). The Kitchener jacket is great but I don't think I'd get much use out of it, not being much of a linen guy really.That would be really something. The British military uniforms in WWI were beautiful designs imho.
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