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I can vouch for @Kontos - just got a beautiful charcoal grey Andover in exchange for the herringbone grey Bedford which should arrive with him shortly. The fit of the Andover in S is far better than the XS Bedford was so I am stoked, although I loved the herringbone fabric so I will have to replace that Bedford with the right size sometime. I still have: XS 19th C blue oxford button-down, FW13? S grey/blue wool/nylon jacket - now pretty sure this is the FW09 engineer...
What's the sizing like on these, the ts(s) quilted jacket? I'm a 36, is the 2 going to be too large?
Looks like the lower half is the tweed used for the AW14 aircraft jacket inner vests? I like it there, not so much in that Cameraman
What a great thread .. I have the following that don't really get the use they should: Workaday XS 19th C blue oxford button-down - maybe FW13? Too small for me especially in the sleeves, I was trying to outthink Mr Suzuki by sizing down and failed. XS grey herringbone Bedford - season unknown. I love this jacket but again too small. I'd love to swap straight across for the same thing in a S. Trade in progress .. S grey/blue wool/nylon jacket - I think this is the...
^ Agreed, Cabourn is much more of an AW thing for me.Having said that, I like the look of most of what I see there. The cutdown CWP is right up my alley, as are the aircraft jackets (not that I really need yet another one). The Kitchener jacket is great but I don't think I'd get much use out of it, not being much of a linen guy really.That would be really something. The British military uniforms in WWI were beautiful designs imho.
Good point.
Dude in the peaked cap is stylin'.The remake wasn't too shabby either, there must be better pics than these out there:
Some of them seem OK when he has his arms down by his sides, #3 & #4 for example. I would probably go for #4 myself but I always seem to end up wearing navy hooded jackets so take that with a grain of salt.Also, I like the changing-room-hall-of-mirrors effect in some of those shots.
C&J Conistons work well for this also imho.Trickers Stow or Burford, you might still find those too bulky.Alden in the right last - I have a couple of pairs of captoe boots on the Grant last which I wear with sportscoat/odd flannel trousers - I think Barrie or Trubalance are too bulky for this though.Carmina make some models that would suit - I have a pair of the WW2 hatchgrain boots they did through Epaulet.Vass have some really good-looking boots for this but I have no...
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