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Dude in the peaked cap is stylin'.The remake wasn't too shabby either, there must be better pics than these out there:
Some of them seem OK when he has his arms down by his sides, #3 & #4 for example. I would probably go for #4 myself but I always seem to end up wearing navy hooded jackets so take that with a grain of salt.Also, I like the changing-room-hall-of-mirrors effect in some of those shots.
C&J Conistons work well for this also imho.Trickers Stow or Burford, you might still find those too bulky.Alden in the right last - I have a couple of pairs of captoe boots on the Grant last which I wear with sportscoat/odd flannel trousers - I think Barrie or Trubalance are too bulky for this though.Carmina make some models that would suit - I have a pair of the WW2 hatchgrain boots they did through Epaulet.Vass have some really good-looking boots for this but I have no...
Invented there too of course.
I have the army stripe centenary tweed Mallory, I didn't know there was a solid army version as well.I tend not to wear it much because I can never find any trousers I like with it. Your post inspired me to wear it yesterday though, and I just picked it up at the last minute going out the door wearing raw denim and a cream shetland jumper, ended up working rather nicely.
Your tie knot could use reining in a bit, to my eyes it threatens to overwhelm the collar. Green gingham + red tie with penguins is not the height of good taste, but in my opinion a little tastelessness is a good thing at Christmastime so go for it I reckon. (I like the shirt pattern in isolation btw.)
Well done!Might be a bit of a lazy/obvious comparison but reminds me strongly of:
I only have one Gitman shirt and it fits like a bag of spanners. Aren't they known for being unreliable as far as fit goes?
I'm really sold on the Bureau's own Merchants & Missionaries shirts, which are made by Individualised Shirt Co. I don't know if the fit is specific to M&M but it's quite trim on me and I'm reasonably triangular still.
I'm in the UK and got the email. I'll PM you the text of it in case that helps clarify anything.
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