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^ I'll join the chorus - that would make a great sportcoat with a good story attached, if there's enough of it. As long as you keep the rest of the fit reasonably toned down, as Mike has, it'll work fine. I'm not actually sure what else you would do with the material. Maybe some kind of throw if there's a lot of it and you decide against making a jacket. I can imagine it as a sportcoat better than I can imagine it as any other item of clothing, that's for sure. With that...
I remember when SF was very unforgiving to David Beckham guys.Seems now SF is David Beckham guys.
"T' Oh Jay" , like a Yorkshireman referring to The Juice.
Thanks for your thoughts Blaugrana. I have that AW13 navy aircraft jacket w vest, and it's one of my most favourite pieces. I have to agree on the zip though, it is a bit of a handful sometimes.
That first picture with the cars is just a great shot.
There were a few guys chatting about it in the cool furniture/design objects/desiderata thread, SkinnyGoomba was one IIRC. It's something I've thought of doing myself as a hobby in a few years when I have a bit more spare time. I enjoy working with my hands so it would be relaxing plus I'd get something useful at the end of it. I like the idea of having stuff I've made in the house, gifting to friends & relatives etc. Obviously doing it for a living would be an entirely...
I've had VAT charges both times. Can't remember how much exactly but the usual ~20-25% the cost of the item. They charge the VAT on the shipping cost as well which doesn't help, then whichever courier is delivering puts a "handling fee" on top.This is obviously all down to UK Customs, nothing to do with Viberg themselves.
This round seems creatively very strong. Last round I was prepared to buy in but there was nothing I found interesting - I teetered on the edge of the bison but now I can't remember why I didn't go in for it. Make-ups I would strongly consider buying: #1 Echo, #8 Hudson Bay, #14 Olive Oil, #23 navy service, possibly #2 Bison this time. Make-ups I probably wouldn't buy personally but think should get a chance to get made: #5 Half-Japanese, #19 My-God-It's-Full-Of-Black,...
I think I've said this on previous orders, but I'd love to see a partially structured toe on the 2030 - both my pairs are the unstructured toe which looks good but I could do without the collapsing. Unless I'm mistaken the fully structured toe changes the shape and looks a bit bulbous to me. My understanding is that the partially structured toe is the same shape as the unstructured, minus the collapse, which I think would be ideal. Some great suggestions so far - I'm...
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