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I wash rivets on 30 degrees, hang dry, then iron if I'm wearing them in a business casual fit with a sportscoat, otherwise no ironing for a casual fit. I actually like the fading. I'm particularly looking forward to the french blues getting faded.
I would concur - that is a slim fit. The only trousers I have slimmer than rivets are a couple of pairs of jeans. It occurred to me at the time that the autumn herringbone would have made an awesome fall sportcoat and those pictures just reinforce that - but there was never going to be enough of it available for such frivolity. The wool cord and grey herringbone look great made up, I'm keen to see them in person.
Lighter? The Mallory is fairly warm but probably not any more so than any lined tweed jacket. I have an unlined SEH Kelly tweed which is good for the shoulder seasons but still very warm with a jumper underneath. For that matter, the summer cotton Mallory is fairly effective as a wind shield over a nice thick jumper.
Our (then) toddler chucked up milk formula all down my dark blue grenadine fina the first time I wore it. David felt that the local dry cleaner should be able to cope, but suggested that I asked them not to press the tie. They got it all sorted without problems.
Thanks! .. but they still don't have my size, they don't seem to ever stock 46s for some reason. (I promised myself a blue Mallory this winter so if I can't find an indigo one shortly I guess I'll "settle" for navy.)I like the pieces at Trunk, not very many of them but it's all good stuff. Trunk seem to be pretty good generally about keeping to a cohesive aesthetic.
Thanks .. then End is the only place I can see the indigo so far.
Is Superdenim's "navy" mallory the same thing as End's "indigo" mallory? They look like they could be the same fabric allowing for differences in photography.
I propose a variation on the boondocker: Style: Service Boot Leather: nat CXL roughout Last: 2030 w unstructured toe Toe cap: plain Sole: dainite Hardware: 7 antiqued brass eyelets Tongue: matching Stitching: white Not as interesting as any of the above but I'd get a lot of use out of it (& was considering it as a stand-alone MTO anyway) so maybe some others would feel the same. (Should be draw eligible)
This is pretty much my opinion also, born from similar experiences.
As one of the tiny mutants referred to in the above discussion, I don't have any problem with the way Epaulet are doing business. The extra costs are still mostly time rather than money and it's very rare for me to need a particular pair of trousers as an emergency. Speaking of which, is there any of the Nightshade available for special order Walts?
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