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There's some fabrics I've been waiting for. I was thinking that it would be a nice feature if the website could send an automatic email when something in your wishlist comes back in stock.
They look great, but I take it you still cannot ship outside North America?
Thank you, I've learnt something. IIRC Steed's semi-bespoke is put together in eastern Europe, or was a year or two ago, that may have changed.Due to having no intermediate fitting, you mean? O'Flynn got my pattern nearly right on the trial shirt with only one minor adjustment needed so that model certainly seems to work well in his hands.Sadly these sorts of threads (although not necessarily this one) often seem to boil down to "how can I get a bespoke suit on a MTM budget".
Yeah, this is what I was referring to. I realise most people's experiences were flawless and it all got sorted out in the end, so I didn't want to bring up the name of the retailer. It hasn't stopped me from buying from them again, although it would probably stop me from getting involved in another Inverallan preorder.The 3As for me fit well in the chest but are a bit short in the body and arms to start with. They are stretching out nicely. I have a 1A in the size up and...
I don't use it, but I would guess the intention is to click through to the user profile and then select "see all posts" or "see threads started" from there. With the subscriptions, I sometimes (e.g. with the iphone) have to click on the thread title before seeing the X.
Looks like the 6A colours are navy, clerical grey, a dark green ("loden"?) and a lighter blue ("corvette"??).Dunno about the fit but I would guess like the 3A, lots of comments on that in the Inverallan group order thread. Anyway, this is stock coming in shortly so just drop them a line as sjmin said.Zissou went above and beyond with the Inverallan order. Seems like Inverallan are not the easiest outfit for anyone to work with (they were supposed to be closing down last...
If you go into "subscriptions" then hover over a thread title, a copy of the thread title will appear with a red X you can click on to unsubscribe.I'm not sure how to post in a thread without automatically subscribing though.I like the subscription page, it's the main way I interact with the forum. Over time I've come to find there's only a dozen or so threads I'm interested in and the open forums have a very low signal to noise ratio.
Maybe my understanding is off, having never used MTM, but doesn't MTM essentially imply that it is cut from a block then adjusted? Getting measured by a skilled tailor who then develops a pattern for that specific individual is bespoke, I always thought. I have no idea what semi-bespoke means. If you go for Steed you will almost certainly be measured by either Edwin or Matthew and I'm sure either would do an excellent job.
Yes, you (and I) have just missed them, they were in London Oct 27th. Their movements are detailed on their website. If you send them an email they will notify you the next time they have a visit planned. I have been trying to make it down to see them for a while now.
I'm still in. I will stick with the dainite sole please (it rains constantly here even in summer).
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