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I agree, they should show signs of what they've been through. You may get more info by asking in the Alden thread in SW&D.
I read the article, perhaps I'm being obtuse but I didn't see where it talks about SR tailors publishing details of their client lists? They associate certain people with certain tailors but no mention of how they found out and many seem common knowledge.(I see they mention "Michael Jackson" for Gieves .. I wonder if that's the pop star or the former Chief of General Staff?)
I wouldn't be too happy if my tailor disclosed details of my orders, or even the fact that I was their client, without my permission. I'm no one special, but perhaps I might have my own reasons for wanting these things kept quiet. Like Holdfast I'm in a profession where confidentiality is key, so maybe that affects my thinking. Also, there is a certain level of intimacy with a bespoke tailor. Standing under a practised eye for first measurements can be quite intimidating...
Yes, thank you!
I have tried this in the past and failed to pull it off, but I think it does work for some. Maybe having an artistic temperament helps:
Three ties arrived yesterday - green silk herringbone, blue Donegal and navy linen shepherd's check. I wore the blue Donegal today and it is a great tie; I wasn't sure whether the light understated Vanda method of construction would work in a fall/winter fabric but it does. Pics when decent daylight available (probably in June).
*head explodes*
Advanced search only seems to ever return one result? (not sure if this is already known but couldn't see any mention of it)
3.25" max width is going to look fairly narrow with your height - but if this is what you usually wear and it looks right to you, then by all means go for it. The other consideration is whether the knot will tie up nicely. You can leave this to David though, if he knows your height and the type of knot you usually tie then he will make sure the tie's width in the knot region will be right.I threw up a pic of the four grenadine weaves together a few pages back. A looser...
In theory, yes I would love to; but I am in the UK so the swap box has left the building.
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