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^ That looks great. I recently bought the midnight blue and bitter chocolate grenadines untipped, and although I like seeing the untipped ties on others I think I will return to the self-tipped format in future. (I realise this is uncool and means I will probably get my lunch money stolen or something.)I have a couple of the challis wool solids (and have just ordered four more for A/W). The weave is fairly fine and they are not as woolly as you might expect before handling...
Thank you. I'm somewhat familiar with the Forest v Oscar, I have the Greeley on Forest and was looking at the differences v the WW2 boot on the Oscar.From the pictures you've put up those boots seem pretty much perfect as they are IMHO.Maybe, with a storm welt, York/dainite sole & burgundy shell (I am not hip enough for ruby).
What last was St Maier's original MTO made on? I really like the look of it that shape with the storm welt - I'm not convinced that the Robert last/flat welt would be an improvement for my purposes, I am not all that refined.
I'm not familliar with Corter or Tanner but the Equus belt that does everything without fuss is the Scott.
Just a thought, but is that the Sedgewick Australian Nut? The belt I have made of the Baker's Australian Nut seems to have more red tones in it than that, and sit somewhere between the two. Perhaps that might be an option?
I'm interested in an iced mocha service boot if we're talking dainite sole/unstructured toe box, although I'd like to know the price.
I have canvas sweater bags I keep them in, and they do take up a lot of room even folded presentation-style. I've seen others post about using tupperware-type boxes which would allow you to squish them down a bit I guess. I don't find creases a problem though, they tend to fall out after wearing for a little while. BTW some more pieces are up at Mandon, I noticed yesterday.
^ FWIW I also think the fit is fine on you if it's a close fit you're after. I hardly ever wear red but I don't mind it in a piece of outerwear like a windbreaker.I agree with Blaugrana, it's a great colour for anyone, certainly in that piece. I have the navy but would love to find either the yellow or orange as well.I think I'm seeing a light blue ventile aircraft jacket in robin's Tranoi link. That looks promising to me!Presumably a few of the big names among the...
Thank you .. I thought that might be the case.
Browsing through that Yoox link reminds me: I have noticed that this season's green jersey mallory does not seem to have sold at all well. Does anyone know where the Cabourn x Converse Bosey boot is made? I would guess wherever the rest of the Converse stuff is made but I can't find that confirmed anywhere.
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