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Fair enough, grey sneakers as a streetwear basic make sense I guess.
^ Looks good if perhaps a little boxy (not necessarily a bad thing in a peacoat). There's a lined version which would probably be better for winter than the unlined version in that link. Gloverall do a naval reefer based on the British navy garments and made in the UK. I don't have anything from them myself but my son has one of their duffles and it is built like the proverbial. For me I have a Buzz Rickson peacoat which is great, but it is probably not what you're after...
Not necessarily? - one of my favourite summer jackets is an 11oz wool gunclub.
Very nice!
In this spirit, might I mention Inverallan - I have a jumper and some cardigans of theirs, which are very warm and comfortable indeed. They are definitely on the heavy cable-knit end of things, you would not want to wear them under a sports coat, but perfect for sitting around an unheated house.In this vein, Inis Meain also look interesting but I have no experience of them as yet.
I respectfully disagree, the Chanel suit has been a classic since the 1920s.
I dunno, but more this morning since putting it on. I was so stoked to get it yesterday I even took a picture of the box.I think I might have got the last of that material. They were even kind enough to adjust the dimensions for me, not to mention that they made it in two days and shipped it in five. I really am knocked out by it, it seems like the platonic ideal of the summer tie to me.I personally probably won't wear it much until next spring, so I'm hoping for a couple...
Vanda untipped navy shantung ..
Stitches & Kueller: very nice. I will have to try untipped on my next grenadines.Burton, you turned that around very quickly!I don't have the ties but I do have the swatches if that's any help. Midnight blue promoteo (left) against garza grossa:.. and the four weaves together, from left promoteo, grossa, piccolo, fina.You can click to see more if so inclined.
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