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Ah, makes sense! Thank you.The quality of make is very good but the Cameraman isn't really known for being warm, they are more of a shell so you'd need a hefty midlayer (or two).
Yeah, it's attached by snaps, three each side of the chest and one at the back near the tag. It's held in fairly securely but easy enough to detach.My question about the aircraft jacket would be about the bit of woolly sheepskin on the left breast of the vest .. does it have any purpose other than decoration? It seems like a bit of a random thing just to be stuck on there. It detaches (snaps again) so no big deal but I'm curious.
^ Good arithmetic, I like it. Another thing: when orders are closed it should be easier to determine wait time as the backlog is then a known quantity.
Just to give the dead horse one more thrash, when I got my 2030 service boots I held them against a pair of Aldens in the Barrie last and they are pretty much exactly the same length. Both are labelled 8.5. Obviously the boots fit a little differently as a function of the last - I find the heel on the 2030 a bit loose - but there you are fwiw.
There's a list of stockists on the Cabourn site if that's any help. For the Cameraman, I think it's been said before but the warmth is all about what you wear under it. I would think that with something properly warm like an Inverallan you would be OK with most situations that didn't involve standing around outside for long periods of time. I find that wearing more layers becomes ineffective after a point anyway; below a certain temp it's more about covering everything...
My 6A is actually a little less fitted than my 3As. It's from last year though, so I don't know if that makes any difference.
When I had just the one Equus belt I could locate it in the closet in the dark by smell alone.
No sign of the WWII hatchgrain yet ..
I thought the Bosey was originally a Converse design from the 1940s or earlier? If so, I guess they can do what they like with it.
That was a special for AW '12 I think.
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