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There's a list of stockists on the Cabourn site if that's any help. For the Cameraman, I think it's been said before but the warmth is all about what you wear under it. I would think that with something properly warm like an Inverallan you would be OK with most situations that didn't involve standing around outside for long periods of time. I find that wearing more layers becomes ineffective after a point anyway; below a certain temp it's more about covering everything...
My 6A is actually a little less fitted than my 3As. It's from last year though, so I don't know if that makes any difference.
When I had just the one Equus belt I could locate it in the closet in the dark by smell alone.
No sign of the WWII hatchgrain yet ..
I thought the Bosey was originally a Converse design from the 1940s or earlier? If so, I guess they can do what they like with it.
That was a special for AW '12 I think.
Why don't you try using them & see how they are? I have a pen of my grandfather's that works ok for me without adjustment. If you don't like them the way they are then maybe find someone to regrind the nibs rather than replace them.
I'm wearing a small merino/cashmere right now. It's the Martin Boag from last season but the sleeve measures 23" from shoulder seam and 17" from armpit FWIW. I must say I'm with Afro there; I'd be surprised if a small was right for you at 6'.
Yeesh, that's uncool.As long as they remain solvent, a proper store should always be able to provide you with a refund if the merchandise isn't available.
That article's from 2003 and the Inverallans I bought last year are labelled "made in Scotland", so I can only assume the knitting was somehow pulled back onshore. (The Scotsman don't seem to have mentioned Inverallan since then.) Unless you're thinking the jumpers are knitted offshore and assembled in Scotland to qualify for the label? Either way I wouldn't think that article points to a difference in methods or quality between recent Inverallan and new Strathtay (I...
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