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^ Agreed, I personally don't think that way but I can certainly respect it (and it's nice to see a personal belief being upheld over profit sometimes).Let's not follow that thought to its logical conclusion.
Some pics for comparison earlier in the thread.
Indeed, I suspect that Horween cordovan would go down extremely well here. There are often questions on the Alden thread about belts to match shoes in whiskey/ravello/cigar/#8.
I have that in fina .. it is a fair bit lighter than I was expecting but a lovely colour nonetheless.
I am a 36 in most brands. I find the 3A tighter than the 6A. I tried to measure them and the single 38" I have which is a 1A. Obviously it is difficult to be accurate with knits as they stretch, but I tried to get similar tension on each and got measurements of:(chest/bottom of collar down back/bottom of collar down sleeve)36 in 6A: 19"/26"/29"36 in 3A: 19"/23"/26"38 in 1A: 20"/27.5"/28"Depends what you mean by equivalent? There seem to be a few Scots makers supplying the...
I was also under the impression the Carmina trees are not lasted, if they are then that's a good reason to keep them if at all possible.
Just collected my black Greeleys from the post office. Unfortunately they didn't come directly from Spain as I was expecting so they cost me an extra £60, such is life .. although if they were sold inside the EU then perhaps they would have had to add the VAT at source, I don't know. The boots themselves are great, I'm not 100% convinced that the slight chunkiness of the Forest last works with the dressiness of the balmoral pattern but I suspect it will grow on me as it...
That looks great, although as it's somewhat dressy I'd prefer a dainite sole. The commando sole on the jumper boot makes a lot more sense IMO.Also, are you likely to restock the Steinbecks you've had? I've seen that asked a couple of times but not answered yet - and assuming the boots in the mail fit, I would love the chance to pick up a pair of the blue Steinbecks as well.
Very nice .. what leathers?
Just received the three-button blazer in mid-blue. It's beautifully made, and the fabric is great stuff, full of personality like a good Donegal should be. Despite being part-lined it's still warm, I wore it over a light jumper yesterday in 5 degrees C and was perfectly comfortable. I was fully prepared to have to return it because RTW jackets usually fit me very poorly but the fit is actually quite good. There's some slight collar gap and I might have it taken in a...
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