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Thanks! .. but they still don't have my size, they don't seem to ever stock 46s for some reason. (I promised myself a blue Mallory this winter so if I can't find an indigo one shortly I guess I'll "settle" for navy.)I like the pieces at Trunk, not very many of them but it's all good stuff. Trunk seem to be pretty good generally about keeping to a cohesive aesthetic.
Thanks .. then End is the only place I can see the indigo so far.
Is Superdenim's "navy" mallory the same thing as End's "indigo" mallory? They look like they could be the same fabric allowing for differences in photography.
I propose a variation on the boondocker: Style: Service Boot Leather: nat CXL roughout Last: 2030 w unstructured toe Toe cap: plain Sole: dainite Hardware: 7 antiqued brass eyelets Tongue: matching Stitching: white Not as interesting as any of the above but I'd get a lot of use out of it (& was considering it as a stand-alone MTO anyway) so maybe some others would feel the same. (Should be draw eligible)
This is pretty much my opinion also, born from similar experiences.
As one of the tiny mutants referred to in the above discussion, I don't have any problem with the way Epaulet are doing business. The extra costs are still mostly time rather than money and it's very rare for me to need a particular pair of trousers as an emergency. Speaking of which, is there any of the Nightshade available for special order Walts?
Yeah, I just prefer the way a tipped grenadine hangs. I'm not big on the transparency of the untipped end either. I like the ones I have and will still wear them but don't think I'll get more.Untipped non-grenadines I'm fine with; all my Vandas are untipped and I wear them a lot.
^ That looks great. I recently bought the midnight blue and bitter chocolate grenadines untipped, and although I like seeing the untipped ties on others I think I will return to the self-tipped format in future. (I realise this is uncool and means I will probably get my lunch money stolen or something.)I have a couple of the challis wool solids (and have just ordered four more for A/W). The weave is fairly fine and they are not as woolly as you might expect before handling...
Thank you. I'm somewhat familiar with the Forest v Oscar, I have the Greeley on Forest and was looking at the differences v the WW2 boot on the Oscar.From the pictures you've put up those boots seem pretty much perfect as they are IMHO.Maybe, with a storm welt, York/dainite sole & burgundy shell (I am not hip enough for ruby).
What last was St Maier's original MTO made on? I really like the look of it that shape with the storm welt - I'm not convinced that the Robert last/flat welt would be an improvement for my purposes, I am not all that refined.
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