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I was also under the impression the Carmina trees are not lasted, if they are then that's a good reason to keep them if at all possible.
Just collected my black Greeleys from the post office. Unfortunately they didn't come directly from Spain as I was expecting so they cost me an extra £60, such is life .. although if they were sold inside the EU then perhaps they would have had to add the VAT at source, I don't know. The boots themselves are great, I'm not 100% convinced that the slight chunkiness of the Forest last works with the dressiness of the balmoral pattern but I suspect it will grow on me as it...
That looks great, although as it's somewhat dressy I'd prefer a dainite sole. The commando sole on the jumper boot makes a lot more sense IMO.Also, are you likely to restock the Steinbecks you've had? I've seen that asked a couple of times but not answered yet - and assuming the boots in the mail fit, I would love the chance to pick up a pair of the blue Steinbecks as well.
Very nice .. what leathers?
Just received the three-button blazer in mid-blue. It's beautifully made, and the fabric is great stuff, full of personality like a good Donegal should be. Despite being part-lined it's still warm, I wore it over a light jumper yesterday in 5 degrees C and was perfectly comfortable. I was fully prepared to have to return it because RTW jackets usually fit me very poorly but the fit is actually quite good. There's some slight collar gap and I might have it taken in a...
I agree, they should show signs of what they've been through. You may get more info by asking in the Alden thread in SW&D.
I read the article, perhaps I'm being obtuse but I didn't see where it talks about SR tailors publishing details of their client lists? They associate certain people with certain tailors but no mention of how they found out and many seem common knowledge.(I see they mention "Michael Jackson" for Gieves .. I wonder if that's the pop star or the former Chief of General Staff?)
I wouldn't be too happy if my tailor disclosed details of my orders, or even the fact that I was their client, without my permission. I'm no one special, but perhaps I might have my own reasons for wanting these things kept quiet. Like Holdfast I'm in a profession where confidentiality is key, so maybe that affects my thinking. Also, there is a certain level of intimacy with a bespoke tailor. Standing under a practised eye for first measurements can be quite intimidating...
Yes, thank you!
I have tried this in the past and failed to pull it off, but I think it does work for some. Maybe having an artistic temperament helps:
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