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3.25" max width is going to look fairly narrow with your height - but if this is what you usually wear and it looks right to you, then by all means go for it. The other consideration is whether the knot will tie up nicely. You can leave this to David though, if he knows your height and the type of knot you usually tie then he will make sure the tie's width in the knot region will be right.I threw up a pic of the four grenadine weaves together a few pages back. A looser...
In theory, yes I would love to; but I am in the UK so the swap box has left the building.
++, it is a standard part of their service now, they have custom made for me and done an excellent job. Vanda & Hober are pretty much the only makers I buy from now since having the exact width and length of ties I prefer means life is a little bit simpler.(One of this year's projects is to go through all my RTW ties and have my favourites remade to preferred specs and then ditch the rest.)I have never used either so I can't give specifics but there is a lot of info about...
Agreed, but having Vanda somewhere in the title would help it show up in searches.
I will echo Stitches - happy New Year to David and Hober wearers everywhere.I've been thinking for a while that Hober combines the strengths of different locations & cultures without ripping anyone off. Globalization done right.Good job, and very useful first post!
Frans Boone do a cigar PT boot with speedhooks.
Ah, you got one of those, well done. I hesitated and was lost - let us know what it's like when you get it?
I use O'Flynn for shirts. I like his work a lot. I don't want to speak for his prices and obviously it varies with the choice of fabric, but his work is bespoke and thus justifiably more expensive than MTM. As far as I remember there was no minimum order - I think I started with just one shirt. As far as fittings, my first shirt was almost spot on and just needed one adjustment which we discussed over the phone. I was happy with the fit after that and he then wanted to...
Midnight cashmere this afternoon:
The light's all wrong for photos, but just took delivery of two new ties for winter: black challis wool and midnight blue cashmere.
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