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Browsing through that Yoox link reminds me: I have noticed that this season's green jersey mallory does not seem to have sold at all well. Does anyone know where the Cabourn x Converse Bosey boot is made? I would guess wherever the rest of the Converse stuff is made but I can't find that confirmed anywhere.
That looks great! I don't think they were made in my size unfortunately.
I'm guessing hazel, or maybe the russet Baker's after it has worn in a bit - but why don't you get him to send you some samples? I received some with my last belt order and it takes the guesswork out of things.
I looked at the summer Mallory with this in mind and concluded there wasn't enough allowance of cloth to take the vent any further towards the shoulder. I guess things would be different in a lined jacket perhaps.
AFAICT they are made to fit short, like the 1930s sports jackets they were modelled after which allowed a lot of freedom of movement. That particular fit seems right in the shoulders so apart from the slightly long sleeves (still acceptable in a rtw/workwear piece imo) it probably fits how it was meant to.After acquiring a few NC pieces and hearing people discuss various fitting issues I've come to think that NC mostly fits how it is intended - e.g. my SS Mallory is very...
Good .. I thought, if she really meant it, that was a nasty burn she just gave you!Thanks for the pic - nice fit and the naval pants are looking good. I don't own any NC trousers, always thought they'd be too baggy for me but maybe not.
Yikes, I had forgotten how eye-wateringly over the top Colin Baker's outfit was.
The retailers that carry them are mentioned in this thread .. End Clothing, Mandon Store, Inventory Stockroom .. er, can't think of any others. End still carry a fair bit of their stuff but generally the start of the northern hemisphere summer isn't a good time to be looking, there will be an AW release at the usual time I guess. Assuming of course they are still in business by then, they seem to be constantly on the edge of closing up shop.
Thanks, I'd not seen those caps before .. I agree they are veering a bit too close to costume but they are fantastic in themselves.I think a few sizes have sold out but have a look at the jersey Mallory as well if you can. They were bagged somewhere up thread and I was prepared to not like them, but I have been wearing mine pretty much non-stop since I got it.
It's fairly impressive even at "slow" speed ..
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