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Finally, a viable third party in US politics.
The Bureau, Frans Boone, Nitty Gritty, My-Wardrobe are all stocking smalls fwiw.
I've never been a fan of vertical striped shirts with tweed jackets, the stripe always seems to say city while the tweed says country. Incoherent combination, as Sr. Corbera might have said.I have a light grey hand framed Shetland jumper I wear a lot under my tweeds in colder weather.Last winter I was quite comfortable outside in a tweed jacket, thin jumper and heavy wool scarf during -7 celsius weather, as long as I was not standing still for any length of time.OlSarge...
So .. I'm hoping that the recent appearance of the Day Trippers will herald the next lot of Epaulet Ravello Brixtons.I think this might be a Northampton thing generally? .. all my EG shoes have this (don't have any EG boots).
Looks like this one: http://www.samhober.com/macclesfield-print-silk-ties/macclesfield-silk-tie-80.html.
Just ask, David will pretty much make anything out of any material he has on hand ..
Yes, for my taste the patterns are a little too similar in type and scale, although tattersalls are classic with a tweed. The effect is made a bit worse by the similarity in colouring and the fact that you have no patterns anywhere else. I think that with any brownish tweed it's difficult to go wrong with a solid light blue shirt.I think tweed jackets go well with denim generally (much as I would love to advise you to bust out the full rig with moleskins/cords, sweater...
For this sort of country walking boot I like the C&J Coniston, just to throw another option in there.I agree that the commando soles tend to look casual (military/agricultural/whatever) but I'm with Ivar on the dainite soles - they can be very low profile and almost undiscernable from a double leather sole.
Indeed, dunno what happened to the navy.
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