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Nice pics, mpw! I feel like direct sunlight might bring out some the details of the pieces a bit better, though?Judging by comments upthread, it seems that some people may have been put off by the extra cost involved in the garments with vests. I have the current season aircraft with vest and I've been wearing it a lot lately without the vest as it's been a relatively mild winter here so far.Sure, all I meant was that I would probably buy a lot more from Kafka if anything...
Yeah, I really like the look of the Canadian jacket. I guess in the beeswax cotton it will be similar to the aircraft jacket before they were done in ventile.I've had a couple of good experiences with Kafka but they never seem to get smaller sizes - not just in Cabourn but other makers as well - so I'm limited to ties, scarves etc.
Have you ever considered ring belts? It might not be your thing, I guess.
I just put my pair of Converse Bosey boots against a pair of new-ish standard Converse in the same size (I'm UK8 in both) and they are pretty much exactly the same. They look to be built on the same sole although the Bosey is externally slightly wider in the forefoot due to the extra thickness of the bit that wraps around the front. They feel the same to wear. This is what you'd expect I guess; they're both built in the same factory so using the same soles is going to...
FWIW as another data point I am 8.5 in the 2030 last and a UK8 in mostly everything including Trickers (Stow), all 3-4 EG lasts I've tried, C&J 348, etc.Yes with the last SFmarket makeup, and yes.
I hope my idle speculation about the pricing of the surgeon jacket wasn't taken as an attack on the seller, that certainly wasn't my intention. Sounds like HM Customs really did a hatchet job there. I've got two mallorys and was thinking maybe that was excessive and I should lose one, so thanks for the enabling guys. I think I've only ever bought Cabourn from End and Trunk, never any problems with either thank goodness.
That's from Phaeton, they still have a few (not that size in that colour though) and are asking £560 for them so I'm guessing £800 is about what you'd pay new after shipping and tax.While we're on the subject of Japanese stores selling Cabourn, does anyone know of any others besides Phaeton? I'd quite like to try picking up a couple of pieces in 44 which the western stores don't usually bother stocking.
David mentioned to me he felt they are a four-season tie. I have one in a dark green tartan so I tend to wear it more in autumn. The material is light with a dry hand so I guess if you were classing it based purely on feel you might prefer to wear it in spring/summer even though it is half wool.
I found it fairly true to size - I'm a true 36" chest and the 46 fits me nicely.
^ The Scott belt is a great concept, executed perfectly.
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