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Nah, some were sentenced to be hanged but we're the ones that were transported instead.
I'm not sure there is a word in Australian English for tie.
^ Very nice, applky. I always struggle with lighter blue ties. They look great in isolation but in practice I nearly always wear light blue shirts and they don't look right together at all. I do have a shirt which is a very light (ice?) blue, and that works sometimes. As a side note, I know grey is often thought of on SF as being better used for suits rather than odd jackets, but I am getting a taste lately for grey odd jackets with cream or tan trousers.
I like mine. Worn without the vest it doesn't seem particularly oversized to me. Obviously the vest does add bulk but not in a bad way IME.I really like the look of the Ten-C snow smocks & M65s, but there have been quite a few comments in the Ten-C thread about how they break down and lose water resistance very quickly, so that plus the price have put me off a bit. Maybe for next winter.I'm afraid I wouldn't know, the only cameraman I have is from a few years back (2010?)...
I like the air jumpers I have, but they don't seem particularly robust.
The use of the word "boondocker" makes me think this is roughout - I'd be interested in a grey roughout with dainite sole. (It constantly rains here so I have limited use for leather soles.)
I've noticed something similar on a gansey I bought a few months ago - I haven't worn it yet so maybe it will settle a little. If not, it will still work nicely under a jacket, so whatever.
I haven't really discerned that much of a pattern where they decide to use ventile .. the inside of the breast pocket on the zip sweat is ventile which makes no sense to me at all, am I supposed to keep something wet in there? I have a cameraman with mackintosh and a couple of the aircraft jackets in ventile - the problem with the mackintosh (as others have pointed out here before) is that it offers no protection to the cold at all and if you have a layer or two...
I have a couple of pairs of each and haven't noticed any difference in the fit between them. The oldest pair I have is duck canvas, they have been worn fairly heavily and I wouldn't say there's any change in the fit compared to when they were new.
Will you be able to restock the white as well? It seems to have sold even faster than the grey ..
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