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^ Good stuff. I wouldn't have thought of Moto as an Alden alternative, but I can see where you're coming from there. I never got a reply to my enquiry about the desert longs, so I guess that's a no go.
For a RTW shirt from a designer like Schneider I wouldn't necessarily expect to get a precise traditional fit, in the way I would expect from a shirtmaker. That is to say, sometimes the variance in fit is part of the charm (I struggled with this with EG for a long time). The sleeve on the second shirt is objectively too long but that might look fine in the context of whatever else you're wearing, and where you're wearing it.
Nice transaction with ramdomthought
First package ever from NMWA arrived today: the ts(s) padded jacket. Very impressed with both the service and the jacket. Beautiful packaging, hand-written note, ts(s) catalogue, responsive to emails, etc. The jacket itself could have been tailored for me, and if the burgundy colour was still available I would be picking it up immediately. Lovely piece and very comfortable, has the "forget you're wearing it" quality I associate with my SR jackets rather than RTW.I don't...
I thought the sole on the left boot was separating at the front, but from the bigger picture in Fok's post in the other thread I think it's just the angle.They look great. They're also a real help visualising what the Echo boot will look like.
"Officer, the man was wearing black balmorals with chinos and an orphaned suit jacket .. no jury will convict us."
^ I'll join the chorus - that would make a great sportcoat with a good story attached, if there's enough of it. As long as you keep the rest of the fit reasonably toned down, as Mike has, it'll work fine. I'm not actually sure what else you would do with the material. Maybe some kind of throw if there's a lot of it and you decide against making a jacket. I can imagine it as a sportcoat better than I can imagine it as any other item of clothing, that's for sure. With that...
I remember when SF was very unforgiving to David Beckham guys.Seems now SF is David Beckham guys.
"T' Oh Jay" , like a Yorkshireman referring to The Juice.
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