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I remember when SF was very unforgiving to David Beckham guys.Seems now SF is David Beckham guys.
"T' Oh Jay" , like a Yorkshireman referring to The Juice.
Thanks for your thoughts Blaugrana. I have that AW13 navy aircraft jacket w vest, and it's one of my most favourite pieces. I have to agree on the zip though, it is a bit of a handful sometimes.
That first picture with the cars is just a great shot.
There were a few guys chatting about it in the cool furniture/design objects/desiderata thread, SkinnyGoomba was one IIRC. It's something I've thought of doing myself as a hobby in a few years when I have a bit more spare time. I enjoy working with my hands so it would be relaxing plus I'd get something useful at the end of it. I like the idea of having stuff I've made in the house, gifting to friends & relatives etc. Obviously doing it for a living would be an entirely...
I've had VAT charges both times. Can't remember how much exactly but the usual ~20-25% the cost of the item. They charge the VAT on the shipping cost as well which doesn't help, then whichever courier is delivering puts a "handling fee" on top.This is obviously all down to UK Customs, nothing to do with Viberg themselves.
This round seems creatively very strong. Last round I was prepared to buy in but there was nothing I found interesting - I teetered on the edge of the bison but now I can't remember why I didn't go in for it. Make-ups I would strongly consider buying: #1 Echo, #8 Hudson Bay, #14 Olive Oil, #23 navy service, possibly #2 Bison this time. Make-ups I probably wouldn't buy personally but think should get a chance to get made: #5 Half-Japanese, #19 My-God-It's-Full-Of-Black,...
I think I've said this on previous orders, but I'd love to see a partially structured toe on the 2030 - both my pairs are the unstructured toe which looks good but I could do without the collapsing. Unless I'm mistaken the fully structured toe changes the shape and looks a bit bulbous to me. My understanding is that the partially structured toe is the same shape as the unstructured, minus the collapse, which I think would be ideal. Some great suggestions so far - I'm...
".. it's like how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black."
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