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Thanks for that - I was thinking of getting one of the car coats to wear over a sportcoat in spring/summer rain so no lining works fine for me.Key feature in a peacoat imho .. I have a Buzz Rickson USN repro and that's one of my favourite things about it, when the collar is up it's like being in one of those dog cones.
Lovely pictures. (psst .. I think some "Lorem ipsum"-type text might have sneaked in there somehow.)Also, I think a shorter length on the peacoat will work very well indeed and I look forward to their appearance next AW.Anyway, I just wanted to check that the wool lining on the ripstop ventile car coat is detachable? It doesn't specifically say so on the website but that's what I've gathered from above.
My roll-neck is "made in England", very nice jumper although if I was replacing it I would probably go with a North Sea submariner.
Isn't there an English maker as well as the Scottish maker (Esk)? I can't remember the name, he may well not be using them now. I have a few Cabourn knits, some English some Scottish, and they're all good without much to choose between them. edited to add links, since I found them anyway and they may be of interest to someone: Esk: and Cabourn blog post about Esk:...
I still have these. Getting no use out of the ocbd so would be happy to see it go to a good home, the railroad jacket is growing on me but would still consider offers.
It should be easy enough for the spreadsheet owner to sort the rows by ascending order of date, if they need to view it that way.
I love the breeches & frock coat silhouette of that era.
I'm a true 29" waist; I wear XS in the workaday fatigues and usually need a belt as well. EG mainline fatigues I take a 30 with the side tabs done up, no belt necessary. Workaday cords (which I love and have lots of) I take a 30, also no belt needed and they are perhaps a little on the tight side even.
I have been making a few calls this morning.The paypal agent said the item was out of their hands as it was outside their 180 day limit. The guy also declined my request to speak to a supervisor, which I'd imagine is not something he would be allowed to refuse. However, he directed me to raise a dispute with my credit card company (Barclaycard), so I felt he'd given me a lead and I didn't insist further.A bit more reading reveals this quote from Barclaycard's help page...
I just discovered my PP case was immediately closed by them, without any communication with me, not even an email. Asshats. I guess this is something that will have to be done over the phone.MikeDT and nearly everyone without a ToJ order should stay out of this thread imo; however your post comes after about the only useful thing I've ever seen him say. Whatever PP want the time limit to be, the credt card company get the final word on it, assuming you've used a CC.
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