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Are they exactly the same color? Also, do they come with the cummerbund and tie?
Pics of the Cucinelli??
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Popped into the Cucinelli sample sale since prices dropped to 80% off. There was a pretty small guy who made out with a nice haul. I found a decent selection in 54. Came away with a lilac check dress shirt with very large lorenzini-like buttons for $75, a very nice creme-colored cashmere pullover zip-up for $150, and a tan polo with a light blue gingham collar for $50. Today - Friday 9am-5pm 595 Madison (at...
This is a huge issue. I too am a classical musician, and wear my tails about 38 weeks a year 3 nights a week. I have a crappy rental quality Calvin Klein set. I was told by a major tux distributor that the tailcoats are all the same, they just change the label to sell more of them. I wear my short tuxedo jacket a bit less, but it is much easier to find a nice normal tuxedo.
I missed this in a 40R! ARRRGGGGGHHHH
If this was a 40R, It would be mine!
Love Billy Reid. It is a staple of my wardrobe. But to the OP, where can I get a tweed coat like that with the Ghillie collar? Really like it!
I will play an hour long recital once a year for the next 25 years whenever your friend would like....
I use Walnut A-E's with my blue suits all the time. Looks great!
Symphony Orchestra Musician.
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